• Alani will lick the peanut butter out, which lasts about 10 min. and she'll try to get the treats out for about 20 min. before she gives up. The nylabones have teeth marks in them so she must chew on it while I'm at work but I've never seen her do it.

    The rope ball was great and it's still surviving although for people who don't like severe messes, I wouldn't recomend it. She got the ball into a fringy rope after about 2 days and 1 week later she still works on each individual string tied in there. So it's been great for her attention span, bad for the house.

  • I bought a "Tuffies" toy for Nala, but she doesn't really like it - she only gets "into" playing once in a while, my old crotchity girl!…they are quite pricey and have many varieties. They are soft, but have squeakers in them but are supposed to be "indestructible" They show a Tiger or some type of cat playing with one. Here's the link...http://www.edogtoy.com/retail/index.php?osCsid=cvhn6i0g9la59ei63f030i1jb0
    I should send it ot one of you to try!

  • I did see those at the store but they seems really stiff and it seems like Alani only likes really flimsy things (which is why I don't think she cares for rubber or plastic toys too much).

    I should get one just to see, it's worth a shot.

  • Yeah, Joey is pretty picky about his toys too. He likes ones best that he can destroy. Gets to be pretty pricey.

  • Those Tuffies toys are really stiff and I think that's why they really don't like them. My neighbor who has a Lab/Chesapeake mix whose is fetch-obsessed and destroys all soft toys didn't like hers either. I don't know what type of dog likes them to keep them in business!
    Nala's is a small pink leopard print (LOL) tube, if anyone's interested!

  • Duke is a very high maintenance guy with toys. I spend probably $30 a month on them, but they're usually all gone within a week or two. I don't give them to him all at once either - somehow they disappear - he either destroys or hides them and forgets about them, cause whenever the the house gets a good cleaning, we find some of the difficult to destroy toys. I got a bag of 12" Bully Sticks ($18) because I heard they take longer go chew up. Noooo, Duke won't get off the floor with it until it's 3" long (about an hour) and I have to throw it away. I am under orders not to buy rope toys anymore. Too bad for Duke because he has a great time making a huge stringy mess with them. Nyla Bones aren't his favorite, but when there's nothing else, he'll claim it again. He's chewed thru 2 Kong toys. I just bought him a new one yesturday ($8). He loves the large Laser Ball - it's very durable and too big to put his choppers around.

  • Those rope toys are a disaster. At least with cotton it's easy to swoop up a handful at a time. The string, you have to around and pick up a hundred little piles of it. I try and pick most of it up by hand because I'm afraid it'll destroy my vacuume.

    Are you under orders because of the mess?

  • @spitfirekrl1:

    Are you under orders because of the mess?

    Yes - My husband's orders. He is usually the one cleaning up after Duke. And come to think of it, our home is much neater since Duke's arrival in March. We either keep it picked up or Duke will do it for you. 😃

    btw - those Laser Balls were previously posted with a Pet Smart website. I'll find it and post it again here. They can't chew it (hooray), but you put their dry kibbles inside it and when they push it around with their nose and/or feet, kibbles drop out and they eat them. Duke really has a blast with it. I enjoy watching him play with it.

  • The previously posted web site pages are outdated and/or have been removed (typical . . .)

    In this website -
    do a search for: Talk to Me Laser Treatball Dog Toy (with recorder).

    When the ball moves, dog hears your voice, lights blink and kibbles fall out. It's fun! I think it was $20-$25 for the LARGE ball (I recommend the large one) They can't chomp on it.

  • lol… Jill, my dog has destroyed TWO talk to me treat balls. I still love them though, they do last at least a few months. My guy has figured out how to get the recorder out though - and how to chew it to bits.

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