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Hi everyone!

Stitch is a year and a half old now. She is doing great! Much to the surprise of us, she LOVES to play fetch with toys. Not particularly tennis balls but for sure those stuffed doggie toys. Only problem, is when she's done playing fetch, she likes to tear them to pieces. I have repaired a bunch of them, a bunch of times! I've looked for more durable toys, but she gets them just as easy as the cheap ones. Do you guys have any recommendation of a good basenji-proof squeaky toy?

Thanks guys!


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Hi! We housebroke our basenji, Stitch, starting when we first got her last winter. She was 10 weeks old when we brought her home. We are in Cleveland … last winter was fortunately a mild winter when we were working on this.

We didn't even start with the pee pads. Everything I read and learned from other people is that you don't want to teach them to go INSIDE the house if they will eventually be expected to NOT go INSIDE the house ... You might have to un-train the peep pads. Not sure how to go about doing that, though!

Anyway, Stitch won't wear a sweater or booties either ... We just watched her like a hawk and used routine. She probably had only a handful of accidents the whole training period! Take your pup out after they eat, after they wake up, before you go away and put them in the crate, when you are done playing a game, etc. Look for sniffing around, they probably have to go then, too. Use a clicker and treats.

Good Luck! 🙂

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I keep trying to reply the the thread but it never shows up, so sorry if this same story ends up being here a few times …

Stitch seems to be OK with the other dogs, for some reason it's the other dogs that don't like her. She tries to make friends with them, even when they don't like her. I hope it stays that way. My sister has an aging Dachshund that doesn't like Stitch so much that we don't bring Stitch around if we know that Angelo will be there. Funny thing is, though, the Dachshund couldn't do a thing to Stitch as he's about as high as Stitch's belly! 🙂

We never considered showing Stitch. Kyle, our breeder, knew that from the start. He called her a "companion" dog and that's what her AKC paperwork says. Plus, our "heels" are no good! 🙂 She just can't get those for some reason!

Stitch was fixed, anyway, when she was about 8 months old, she was in her first heat, so I guess that leaves the show ring out of question, no matter what! I think she would love some kind of agility or field sport or something. She loves to go on jogs with me. She has to slow down for me to keep up with her! 🙂 ... only problem is she can't be trusted off a leash for those sports. She does what the trainer we worked with calls "door dashing" and dashes toward the door when someone opens it and has twice gotten out and been very difficult to catch. Now we've got a baby gate at the door so that's physically impossible now! I've always wondered how sight hounds like Basenjis can compete in these off leash activities since that tends to be a problem with them.

I will try to post a couple pictures of Buddy and Stitch together. Stitch is a "little" Basenji at about 19.5 or 20 pounds and Buddy is a chubby tabby cat, so the weight difference really isn't as much as it could be, but the strong Basenji jaws when they wrestle is what scares me! Buddy COULD run away, but he likes to lay on his back and let Stitch push him around. I think maybe he's being submissive to her!

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I'm trying to figure out why I can't log into the forum from my phone / tablet … says my password is wrong but I typed the same thing I did here on the computer. I'm also trying to figure out why my "profile picture" doesn't show up by my posts ...

Anyway, I live in Mayfield, and I would love to go on a Basenji walk sometime (when the darned weather breaks)! 🙂 I am not sure why, but we met another basenji here on the east side (another of Kyle's dogs) and that dog did NOT like Stitch at all. She wanted to get at her, barring her teeth, etc. Not sure why, Stitch has gone to the doggie hotel a couple of times when we've gone out of town, and she's always gotten good "grades" by the staff. Do basenjis sometimes not get along with other basenjis?

Stitch has Buddy, the tabby cat to play with. They grew up together. Stitch obviously outweighs the cat and can get a bit rough with him and they need to be separated, but he's her source of entertainment (and he helps her to get in trouble), especially when we have had so much snow and frigid temperatures this winter. Stitch wants nothing to do with a dog jacket or dog boots, so it's been go out, do your business, and come right back in for at least 6 weeks now! That's why I say she's got cabin fever! I do to! 🙂


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We loved our interaction with Kyle, too! He was so helpful last year around this time when we brought Stitch home and had TONS of questions!

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Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself. We are owned by a feisty black and white Basenji who was born in December 2012. Her name is Stitch! Right now she has cabin fever from the crazy cold and snowy winter we've been having! She would love to get out and go on a long walk in the MetroParks but she can't stand the cold!

Would like to meet some other basenji families in the Cleveland area! Excited to read other people's stories on the forum!


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