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Yesterday I got my first BRAT foster, Duke, who is super sweet. He is fitting in great and Piper is absolutely in love with him, poor Duke never gets a minute of peace because Piper is always trying to instigate play. She just runs up and smacks him in the face with her paw and runs away trying to get him to chase her, but Duke does not seem to mind and appears to be having a good time with her. He is still not completely comfortable here and will probably still take a little while before he really relaxes and settles in, but we have not had any real problems or major disagreements yet so, so far so good.


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Wow definitely a great start! Congrats!

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Wow what an awesome win! Huge congrats!

And congrats on Riley's Fch too!

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I have the premier keepsafe collar and I've been happy with it. Piper doesn't wear a collar in the house, just because I prefer her not to wear one, and the chance of escape is pretty low. But I use the breakaway collar when we're at field trials and she's in an expen, mostly to give me a handle when I'm taking her out. And with all the bouncing around she does in the expen I'm nervous leaving a regular collar on her since she could get it caught. I won't walk her on it though because she could slip it since it's not a martingale but it works well for just putting a tag on her safely. And if she was going to wear a collar all the time in the house it would definitely be the breakaway collar.

The daycare collar is a little different in that it won't release by itself, you have to actually open the velcro yourself to free the dog. But the advantage is that you can grab the collar anywhere and restrain the dog with it whereas with the breakaway you have to grab around the buckle or it will open. That's why it's made for a daycare or dog park type setting where the dog is under supervision.

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They are really good pictures.

I'm curious where you got his collar, I haven't seen any like that before.

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Salem, VA

Which is only about an hour and a half from me.

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Wow! What an awesome win.

Huge congratulations!

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Sawyer is an awesome little guy, and is a lot of fun to be around. He has a great personality, and Piper absolutely adores him. And to go along with his good looks he is going to be a great courser. I'm looking forward to this fall when I can see him again at some trials.

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Wow, sounds like a great couple of weekends. Congrats!

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Thanks for posting this I had not seen it since it was updated.
Congrats to you and Nicki!
Hopefully everyone will have a great second half of the year.

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