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Is there a way to change my username? I don't see anything obvious under settings or edit profile. Please let me know if I'm completely missing something--thanks!

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We moved overseas a year ago and Ruxin came with us. Figuring out how to get him here was nerve-wracking to say the least. Unfortunately, he was too big to fly in cabin with us and had to go as checked baggage.

The recommendations are great, but please check each airlines website to read their rules, as they all vary and are subject to change. Make sure your carrier fits the dimensions specified by whichever airline you decide to go with. Your dog should be able to both lie down and stand up with enough room, ie feet not going over the edges, head not hitting the top.

I'm in a Facebook group for flying pets so I see questions like this very frequently! Some airlines do have age restrictions, FYI! Pretty sure I'm giving you more info than you need, but I'm used to international flights and all the fun stuff that comes with that. Good luck!

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@zannah good to know they still use the puppy kongs with no issues! I'll go with the classic--thanks for your input

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@pawla he does enjoy the toilet paper rolls and loves playing fetch with his tennis ball that squeaks! thanks for the ideas 🙂

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@donc that toy looks hilarious, thank you!

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Hello lovely basenji forum members! Ruxin needs a Kong--his other treat dispensers are either too easy or too boring. I looked at the Kong website and determined the medium to be a good size, however I'm stuck between the Classic and Extreme. Unfortunately, we currently live overseas so I can't drive to a pet store and check these out in person--I'm limited to ordering online. He never chewed/tore up the puppy Kong so I'm thinking the Extreme isn't necessary(?).

If there are other Kong toys (or non Kong toys!) your pups love please feel free to share as well. I want to buy him some new things so the more the merrier! Plus Amazon takes about two weeks to get here 😒

Thank you!

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Thanks everyone! I certainly have TONS of pictures so I’ll be sure to share, especially his puppy pics. I promise to post more! Speaking of, I was about to make a post about KONG toys...

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I've been a member for 3 years and never posted - always quietly taking in all the helpful information. Thank you for helping me! Without further ado, I'd like to introduce Ruxin, my 2.5 year old basenji boy.

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Seeing animals for sale on Craigslist always makes me sad. Whatever kind of dog she is, I'm hoping for a happy outcome. Wish I could help but I live overseas.

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