• OK, this was becoming a hijack of Dallas' clever video thread so I thought I'd start it over...
    I said...We've been told that Fiji literally destroys stuffed toys - in minutes. Been too afraid to try for ourselves yet. She hasn't been destructive at all so far and that's a side I wouldn't mind waiting to see.
    and MacPac said...Try her on cheap stuffed toys from a thrift store, they really let the dogs rip and tear without making you cry to see an $8 toy destroyed in seconds.
    Anne in Tampa (by the Other Bay)
    so I wondered...
    Clever thought!
    Will "letting" her destroy something encourage her to destroy other things? She doesn't have much interest in toys so far, though she played with a Kong for a few minutes last night. We haven't tried anything stuffed yet.
    Catt...with no ordinary dog!
    So...what do you think? She hasn't shown an interest in other toys. Do I give her the pleasure of destroying a stuffed toy or is that a slippery slope?

  • Don't worry, Dallas didn't mind 😉

    And I would say give her stuffed toys! Go to Walmart or even the dollar store & buy some cheap-o ones so you won't mind when she rips it to shreds. I LOVE seeing Dallas tear up stuffed toys because I can see how much he himself enjoys it. His stuffed toys are always his favorite & since the second week we've had him, he hasn't chewed anything besides "his toys".

    Now I don't recommend giving her an old shoe you don't wear [slippers that look more like a stuffed toy, sure, but no shoes that look ANYTHING like what you currently wear].

    Also, practice teaching her the command "not yours". I started this with Dallas week 1 and now when he tries to go for something that isn't his I just say "not yours" & give him something that is his & say "this is yours" & then if he starts to chew that I give him a treat. Now I can just say "not yours" & he will walk away.

  • Thank you, Nina. That's really helpful. We're sill feeling our way along here. Having a dog without a yard is new for us, and having a Basenji is just new all around. She has not really shown any of the really scary tendencies that I've read about…yet. But she is certainly more aloof and harder to impress than any dog I've ever been around, turning up her nose at most treats and toys. I can see why someone told me they were "cats in dog skins". :rolleyes:

    This forum is most helpful! Thanks!

  • PetEdge is a great place to stock up on cheap stuffies. They also have good deals on pet beds and chewies so you can stock up on lots of stuff and then not feel bad when they destroy them.


  • Wow-those are good prices! Looks like a site for wholesalers but I don't see where they require a tax number to order. Thanks!

  • Anyone can order though they do market mostly to wholesalers. They have great prices but they do have a minimum order or else you have to pay an extra fee. I usually order a bunch of stuff a couple times a year so I don't have a problem meeting the minimum order.

  • Suggest not giving old socks either.
    When buying the cheap stuffed toys (garage sales, goodwill), make sure they're not the beeny-baby type with the little beads inside.
    I also made some with old fabric and stuffing. Even without a squeekie, EL D destroyed the home made ones just as readily.

  • Oh yeah, do not get toys with the plastic beads inside, there are about 10,000,000,000 inside each tiny toy! Or sawdust (older toys)! Two of mine never destroy their stuffies, but one attacks like a velocoraptor and loves it! A few minutes with a broom is a small price to see her so happy.
    Fiji may not be toy- focused. None of mine like any kind of official 'dog toy', kongs or nylabones, but they love stuffed animals and bully sticks. We get large stuffed animals (at garage sales) and they use them as floor pillows and lie on them, it is really cute.

  • Great advice on the 10,000,000,000 beads – I was careful today to check the toys I bought. Those can't be healthy for the pups - not to mention the house.

    Fiji is pretty delighted with the stuffed ball I got her. She's spent the last couple of hours alternately tearing it up and licking its wounds. Not quite velociraptor style (that cracked me up):D but the thing will definitely be history by bedtime. Well worth the 99 cent store price and a little clean-up time!

    Other than this, though, yeah, Fiji just doesn't seem to be into toys. Walks, and running into the other dogs in the neighborhood, are her happiest times. We're going to hook up with another basenji owner next weekend. I have a feeling she's going to love that.

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