• Hello lovely basenji forum members! Ruxin needs a Kong--his other treat dispensers are either too easy or too boring. I looked at the Kong website and determined the medium to be a good size, however I'm stuck between the Classic and Extreme. Unfortunately, we currently live overseas so I can't drive to a pet store and check these out in person--I'm limited to ordering online. He never chewed/tore up the puppy Kong so I'm thinking the Extreme isn't necessary(?).

    If there are other Kong toys (or non Kong toys!) your pups love please feel free to share as well. I want to buy him some new things so the more the merrier! Plus Amazon takes about two weeks to get here 😒

    Thank you!

  • I wouldn't bother with the extreme. Our two Bs still use both the puppy kongs and classic Kongs without any problems (although they do chew up/destroy other things). We also have both medium and large and find they both work well, depending on how much food/how many treats we want to give them.

  • I only know of the Classic Kong - have no experience with the Extreme. If Ruxin never tore up the puppy Kong, then I would agree with you that the Extreme isn't necessary. My b never chews on the Kong, just licks it to get the stuff I put inside. He did chew on the split antler I got him (with marrow exposed). I've started looking for raw beef bones to give him. I wish I could afford the "tomahawk" or "cowboy" steaks so I could cut the meat off and give him the bone. All I can find at a reasonable price are short ribs.

    As for toys, I would get a squeeky tennis ball. It is sturdier than squeeky stuffed animals and he can run after it even if he doesn't return it. Treats in closed toilet paper rolls or even small cardboard boxes are my b's favorite - he gets to destroy something AND get treats.

  • We've used the Medium and Large. Mostly the medium because it fits enough kibble in and then some of the Kong stuffer. The soft rubber is pretty indestructible but seems to be appealing to chew on.

    If your pup I liking toys then whatever works. Ours really only likes this one at this point: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B0054C9B1I/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  • @donc that toy looks hilarious, thank you!

  • @pawla he does enjoy the toilet paper rolls and loves playing fetch with his tennis ball that squeaks! thanks for the ideas 🙂

  • @zannah good to know they still use the puppy kongs with no issues! I'll go with the classic--thanks for your input

  • Hi there -- not sure if everyone uses this strategy but i soak some kibble in water and mix in a little peanut butter (so that simba isn't getting too much salt) and then stuff the Kong with that before freezing -- lasts longer and still has the same nutrients as his meals. We have the puppy and the classic and I think they're effectively the same. He also LOVES the blue kong squeaky ball.

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