Gathering information on Kong Toys

  • This is purely based on interest.

    I was wondering if those of you that have the famous Kong toy for your dog would post here the size (small, regular, large, XL, XXL) and Strength (puppy, red-regular, black-extreme, or senior). Also add a story if you would like.

    Harley loves Kongs but he just realised that they are great for chewing. He used to just roll it around, fetch it, and eat the treats/peanut butter. We replaced his beat up puppy kong with the extreme kong. He chewed the top completely off to get the treat out. He had this Kong for 2 days, and had the treat in it for 10 minutes.

    so my answer to this post would be

    Size: Small but thinking of an upgrade
    Strength: Extreme

  • Red Regular. Although i should probably have a Puppy Reg. But thats what i was given.

    I like using them cos when Hope goes through her "im being a fussy eater" stage i can usually get her to eat her tea using the Kong 🙂

    Havent had an issue of her destroying it yet though.

  • Ella has a small puppy Kong and a medium Kong in red (regular). They both seem pretty durable and she is a strong chewer. We liked the Kongs but the two problems we have is that they are small enough to roll under furniture where she can't reach them, and the holes are kind of big so she tends to get the treats out pretty quickly.

    We have a couple of other rubber toys that are larger but have little slits cut into them to stuff the treats and we find get more entertainment from these.

    Among the favorite treats–a small piece of cheese, a piece of a mushroom or carrot, a chunk of rice/lamb roll.

  • freeze the kong for a longer lasting treat and pick them up as soon as they are done 🙂
    thats what we have to do around here, our 16lb pup has a med red and our larger dog a large black.

  • I have the regular Red one for Kananga. I don't always fill it with stuff. Kananga like to pick it up and throw it around usually. He's pretty aggressive with the chewing and it has yet to fall apart.

  • i have a XL (?) black, but that's because of the malinois. and then she started chewing that one up, so it's somewhere (don't exactly know where) out of reach.

  • I have a regular black-extreme one and Medjai won't give it the time of day after the first 10 minutes if I fill it with peanut butter. Without the PB, he doesn't think it even exists.

  • I've got 3 sizes of Kongs but none of mine are interested once any filling's licked up. Its just a food receptacle to them!

  • **We have a few smalls and few mediums. Keep them filled with peanut butter in the freezer all the time.

    They last about a half day when they're in their crates and we're at work.

    They're like the special treats we give them once in a while to change things up a bit.**

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