• I may be getting a Basenji wiehin the next month and would like to know what some of your basenjis' favorite chew toys are. My mutt's favorite toys are a softball and a squeaky bone.

  • Mostly toys they can destroy 😃 but they also like the Kongs and Buster Cube

  • quality stuffed animals that they can kill, shake,and disembowel.

    Kongs, hooves, knee caps, sterile bones stuffed w/peanut butter or cheese or treats, beef tendons. .. ..

    In fact, if the squeaky bone is one of those kind of soft squeezeable toys – it'll be history very shortly w/a Basenji! LOL, at least with mine. Durability is key.

  • Yeah, I had one of the soft squeaky toys for about 10 minutes until it got to the back yard and my mutt tore it to shreds.

  • I think they prefer very expensive, fragile items they can distroy. Dash loves fleece but I only get them when they are on sale. He prefers the ones with the sqeaker, but once he "kills" the sqeaker he is not terribly interested. also, rawhides or anything horribly smelly:)

  • I do buy cheap stuffed toys from Wal-mart sometimes, but I find the ones I buy at dog shows seem to last longer. The name brands are Migrator and Dr. Noys, among others.

    Our floor regularly looks like a massacre has just taken place. Stuffing everywhere, and if not stuffing it's legs, ears, tails, etc everywhere.

  • Sahara does not chew up her toys, in fact she is good with them, her favorite is a hedgehog round ball that I got from PetSmart, she will fetch forever with that one toy. She loves Merrick's Bully Sticks, I get the 12" ones and cut them in smaller pieces, they are beef tendon no rawhide. They are quite expensive but not too bad if you cut them into smaller pieces. She likes all the Merrick chewies, but I don't buy rawhide if I can help it. Sahara does not chew up her stuff, she had rather have mine, go figure!!!!!

  • She loves Merrick's Bully Sticks, I get the 12" ones and cut them in smaller >>pieces, they are beef tendon

    LOL, well, they ain't exactly a "tendon", which is why I have hag-ups about them. It's childish, I know, but the thought just grosses me out.

    the actual tendons I get from the vet don't stink and from what I read here, the bully sticks do. I don't want too many stinky things, so the hooves are good enough for that.

  • Be careful with the hooves… yes they do stick.. they get sharp... and there is nothing worse then getting up in the middle of the night and stepping on a hoof... talk about pain... yikes.... and also they will and do cause slab fractures of the teeth....

  • Oh yes, I've stepped on my fair share of hooves in the night, in the morning, in the afternoon… when they seem pretty well-chewed on, I toss 'em.

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