• My basenji was a stray about a year ago, while he was still quite young (~6 months then, we suspect). Luckily, before he was to be euthanized at a shelter, he was given a second chance by a rescue group and placed in a foster home before we fell in love with his photo and description.

    Unfortunately, I think his time as a stray took away a lot of his time to just be a puppy. We're making progress with making dog friends (though we're about to move), and we literally had to teach him how to play. We praised him up and down every time he picked up a toy at first, because he hardly would! Now he generally ignores his toys until after dinner, and that's when he goes tearing all stuffed animals to shreds.

    He's such a hunter, going nuts if there's a rabbit outside the window. And he tried to stalk a poor little boy's remote controlled car last week. He shows virtually no interest in balls, ropes, or any makeshift toys that we've heard of other dogs enjoying. Most of the time, even if we snatch up a favorite toy and get very excited, he'll just stare at us like we're nuts. But I can tell he's bored! He wants to hunt, not play with stuffed animals! (silly basenji brains!)

    How do I simulate prey for him indoors? Are there any durable toys that move on their own? We're planning on getting him one of those hide-a-squirrel toys next month as a housewarming gift, since he played nicely with another dog's earlier this year.

    Thanks for any insight.

  • I know that my Jack likes the vibrateing ball that has these "legs" on it so when you turn it on its goes everywhere, lol. Very fun. Jack loves it. it keeps him busy for quite a while. he also had a snake toy that when you pull it at the tail it vibrates and slithers across the floor. (Jack tore it up tho) I got the vibrate ball at Pet Smart. Its great. Hope i helped, lol.

    I found something like it on line (the ball) heres the link


  • Target had some great "prey' like toys. The larger Duck has a crinkle & honk body that my dog loves to bite.

    They seem to gravitate more to cat toys, with things on strings that they can chase. I tie a toy to a long piece of cloth and drag it around the house. They also love stuffed animals that have pouches you can put treats in, then hide. They love ripping them open to get the treats.

    Basenji's bore easily of any toy. It's best to keep them away from them, then bring it out from time to time.

    Presentation can also be everthing. Sometimes I take a toy and act all excited over it, not letting them see it. Finally I let them have it and they will play with it for a few minutes.

    They also seem to love big long hair plush toys they can mount and rip the fur out of.

    We had this big plush black bear foot stool that our male dog would never let it stand upright. He would grab it by the neck and flip it over. It always had to be flipped over.

  • You could also try the small RC cars. The B's really like it as well as this little helicopter thing I have. They also like my furry blue pig-but they can't have that one!!

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