My husband and I will be moving from our apartment into a house within the next few months. We were wondering if there was anything we should know about moving with our 9 month old B? Any hints to get her use to the new house? I don't want her be to scared.

Pack her bed and a few favorite toys last and unpack them first. I'd also use a DAP in both places for a while - say a month at the old place and a month at the new place. Try to keep your routine the same.

Is the new house in the same city? If so take your pup on play visits, make it a happy fun adventure. And if she has two beds, put one in the new house right away.

I agree about bed and toys and walks. I also would try to send as much time as I could with your B in first few days and nights.

Rita Jean

I think she will love investigating everything & will be just fine. Does she generally show fear toward new situations or surroundings?

Oh no she has no fear about any situation. 🙂 Alright thanks for the advice everyone.

Let us know when you move and everything went please.

Rita Jean

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