Moving with basenji, and have a several different questions..regarding what to expect.

First off, the trip is only a three hour drive…we did a couple dry runs back and forth and that seemed to go pretty well - albeit he was tired. But, I'm moving into a 1st temporary place first (for about a week) before attempting to find another 2nd place to move into - a place which may have strange dogs, while this first place won't.

My questions:

1.) What are some "warning signs" of poor adaptation/stress in dogs who have moved? the dog and I have been to hotels several times and he always acts pretty non nonchalant about the whole travel process. But, these have always been short term stays...what do I need to look for long term? If anything. Can dogs seem to be ok but then weeks later start to develop issues or is it something you can figure out from the get go?

2.) I'm debating whether it would be better to leave him out of the first 'temporary home' situation...have him stay with my parents until I'm fully settled into 2nd place. He'd only be left home alone for about two hours a day right off the bat if he did come with me to the 1st place. The thing is: he will have more exercise with me, and will be put into the expected routine right away. However, is it better to have a grace period where he's not left alone at all for the first couple days or so?

3.) Can dogs develop 'issues' over time from constantly traveling, or do they eventually get used to the process? He's about two years old right now.

Pretty thick stuff. Please feel free to add links if these questions have been answered elsewhere on the boards.