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Good Evening Debra,

Thank you for taking the time to provide some feedback. I decided on a Basenji for a few reasons. I like that they are athletic and active since I am also very active when the chicago weather permits. Their intelligence, low maintenance when it comes to grooming, etc. The only negative negative characteristic was aggression towards other dogs since there are so many in my building.

As most people do these days, I'm getting all of my information off line from what I'm hoping are subject matter experts writing these articles (obviously that's not always the case). That being said, there are quite a few pages that disagree with you about a basenji not being a good breed for apartment living. They include:

I'm sure we could argue the validity of these sources, but I'd love to hear why you think they might not thrive in an urban apartment situation. I posted because I'm trying to educate myself before finalizing this decision. I'm thankful for all opinions!

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Hi Everyone,

Me and my girlfriend have been talking about getting a dog for over a year now and have finally decided on a basenji. From what I've read they seem like the perfect dog for our life and our on many lists as great apartment dogs, but I had a few questions I was hoping some basenji owners might be able to help me with.

We live in a highrise in downtown Chicago with over 150 other dogs living in the building. So being social is a must as he or she will be seeing many other dogs on the elevators, daily. I have read that there can sometime be issues as far as being social with other dogs is concerned. What are your thoughts?

I also keep reading that they can be extremely destructive if intense exercise requirements are not met. We both have full time jobs which would leave us out of the apartment for around 8 hours a day. We plan to break this up by having a dog walker come in mid day and go on a 20 min or so walk. We would alsobe able to go on a walk in the morning and at night. Is this a sufficient amount of exercise, or is everyone taking their dogs on long runs every day?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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