• Hi, Everyone

    Not sure If this is where i would post this or not I tried to look and see if there was another place but i didn't see one so here is my question..

    I might be moving to Elpaso,TX. next yr. My husband is going in the army and they think that is where we will end up so what i was wondering is what kind of things i have to look out for there that are not so dog friendly? I have lived in Boston Mass all my life so not sure what kind of things i have to be careful for there like here the biggest thing would be ticks and of course certain plants.

    Just wondering if there anything i should look out for.


  • I would say that ticks are still a problem and any bugs that are around both the dry and humid climates. I would also think about checking the ears about having to be cleaned out more often (once a week).

  • Watch out for snakes. My sister lives SW of Houston and they have a larger variety and I'm assuming more types of poisonous snakes in their area than we have in TN. While there during Christmas one year I was feeding one of their dogs on the back deck when I dropped part of the treat through the wooden slats. My sister's roommate immediately told me NOT to reach through the deck for it…. don't know what's there!!!

  • Thanks for all the advice. 🙂 Does anyone know if they sell things to keep snakes, big spiders, and scorpions out of your yard ??

  • @phoenix3:

    Thanks for all the advice. 🙂 Does anyone know if they sell things to keep snakes, big spiders, and scorpions out of your yard ??

    I don't think so… my sister lives in AZ and they have never found anything

  • Phoenix, my first suggestion is wait to move because think were he'll end up and actually ending up are much different. I only say this because I am in the Army. My question is, did a recruter tell you that he'd end up there? Take it from me, they my say one thing, but they CANNOT garuantee everything. And, can I ask what job field he is going into?

    Also, as for Texas, FLEAS are HUGE there, so I fully suggest Frontline Plus. As for snakes, scorpions and spiders, and such. For anywhere you leave, keep grass cut short, don't have any debris hanging out (great hiding places for creepys). There are sprays out there that you can spray on laws for bugs, but must be careful to not allow pets in the area sprayed for at least 72hrs. What I did was spray the back yard, wait 72hrs before allowing pets into that area, basically take them into the front yard to use.

  • Also, you might want to check out rattlesnake training… they have classes to teach dogs when they here the rattle to go the other direction and NOT try to "chase"... A good friend of mine in AZ that does lots of hiking all over the West took his Basenji to one... however, he did "flunk" out....gggg.... not really wanting to stay away....

  • WBL…... He's going for patriot missiles i believe not sure if thats the answer u where looking for lol

  • okay, main training site is Fort Bliss (El Paso), and then every major unit has them, so he could go after training he could end up just about anywhere from california to georgia, to germany to korea.

    I'm sorry, I guess I should explain more as to why I ask, it is because I just want to help, and in hopes that you know that El Paso is where he would train but there is nothing set in that he will stay there. So for you and your dogs, it's good knowledge to know.

  • WBL No Problem hey if it was up to me i would stay right here 🙂 Can i ask how long u have been with the army ? I know i am getting off topic here sorry back to the bugs….. lol 🙂

  • My husband and I have both been in 9yrs

    And with bugs,lol, best thing for anywhere: ensure they don't have hiding spots and use flea and tick meds

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