• Hello Fellow Basenji Lovers-

    I am not really sure where else to post this, but I wanted to get some guidance/advice on the best way to move across the country from New York to Los Angeles with our two basenjis, as well as 2 cats and our 2 year old son. I am weighing between flying versus driving. Its a very long haul, and with 10 hours of driving per day, it will take us 4, maybe 5 days if you add all the stops and breaks. Having all the animals fly on the other hand makes me very nervous, as I have heard all the horror stories. My cats are old (one is 13 and one is 19 yr old), and quite frankly am worried that they may not make it. I am not sure how Benga and Lulu would do, but they are pretty healthy. I just worry about their psyche. Has anyone ever used anything like Pet Airways or Pets Who Fly? Does anyone know of an airline that allows basenjis in the cabin with their owner? everything that I am reading is saying that in order for a pet to fly in the cabin, they have to be small enough to fit under the seat….

    Sorry for rambling. I am just trying to figure this out, and these are all the things I have come up with. If anyone has tips, suggestions, advice, I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you,

    Jen (Benga & Lulu's mommy)

  • I'm very much against flying animals unless they travel in the passenger cabin. No question, I'd drive–but not everyone enjoys driving as much as I do! Check online for pet transport services. Not cheap, but neither is flying them.

  • Are there 2 adult drivers? I tihnk the dogs will dog just fine in the car. I've gone from GA to NM on a move and driven all over the US (and into canada) with dogs. Another great thing about dogs being crate trained. I have no idea about the cats and human puppy though. Was thinking if one adult could fly with child and maybe cats in the cabin and other person drive with dogs??? Was thinking a quick flight in the cabin might be easier on aged cats. But i can't imagine flying my pups via cargo. There is an app that will tell you the nearest vet/evet. La Quinta always welcomes pets and has a bit of breakfast.

  • I'm sorry I can't help you with your dilemma, but this post nearly gave me a heart attack, as at a quick glance I thought it had been written by my boy Butu! Given that there will be a new puppy arriving, I thought he was planning to leave! 😮

  • Our B's enjoy car rides, looking outside and sleeping a LOT - and they are close to us which is important. The other day we had some errands to run and go to a funeral; they were in the car for about 8 hours (with some sanitary stops) and were just fine. Even after sleeping a lot, they were exhausted at home.

  • When the Basenji National was in Colorado, I drove my 2 basenjis from Maine to upstate NY and the next day, my 2 basenjis joined 6 other and drove from NY to Colorado. This year they will go to the National in Seattle - so we'll be driving from Maine to Seattle. If we were to decide to fly instead of drive to Seattle, I would board my basenjis and not take them with. So, I say - drive. They slept most of the time, but certainly enjoyed their walks in National Parks and all sorts of new locations.

  • First Basenji's

    I am definitely one who would drive with my pets. It is really a bonding time too, they really rely on you for food, water, elimination, because of them you get to get out and walk more and not feel stressed-and in the motels, you get to cuddle. It may take a little more planning on a daily basis for the trip, but your family is WITH you!!!! No worrying about the bad stuff you hear from the airlines, there are plenty of success stories, however…. The chain of LaQuinta hotels are pet friendly (great rooms and breakfast bar) and if you go to your local one, they have a directory for you. It may be on line or in your car GPS. I am old fashion....1-800-SLEEPLQ or LQ.com

  • If it were me, I would drive… but that is alot of animals and a 2yr old human baby!.... Maybe one of you could drive, the other fly (with the toddler).... and there are pet transportation, there is an outfit that flys.... but as noted would not be cheap.

  • If there are 2 adults, one could fly with child and 2 cats under the seats, other drive with the dogs. I also know many people who have used the pet transport companies with great satisfaction.

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