• How do I get my two basenjis from phildelphia to california? Do we take the same flight with us? Are they in a separte part of the plane? Do I give them a sedative? The flight is 8+ hours and we switch planes half way through. What if they have to go pee or poop? Does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this?

  • You can search the forum for comments as this has been discussed before.

    Depending on their size, they might be able to be in a Sherpa (and then it depends on the airline). If in a Sherpa, they would be on the plane with you as a piece of carry on luggage. If they are too big for a Sherpa they would be on the same flight, but in the cargo hold (with luggage) for the flight. You do not ever give a sedative, this can really mess up a dog. If you have to switch planes (and personally I would go try and find a flight that is non-stop, just like your checked luggage, they would be moved from one plane to the next. They are never taken out to pee and poop. You have to make reservations for them either way (carry on or as checked luggage). And the cost is extra, plan on at least a couple of hunderd more for each). Depending on when you are flying there could be weather (temp restrictions), so you need to check with the air line about that also.

  • Here is another option you might want to check out. I know someone on the Forum used this service. Don't know if it will work for your situation


  • Quite honestly, airway travel being what it is these days, I would drive.

  • Well I had dogs shipped to me from Portugal - and that was 18 hours they did fine. I have shipped puppies as well and typically use Continental or Delta (Continental - I like better and their cost is a lot less for seperate cargo)

    Just make sure you have leashes and baggies with YOU - the first thing when you get to the airport - get a dolly or two so you have something to put the crates on - go get them at baggage (likely will be there before suitcases) load them on the dolly's and take outside. If you have your dog stuff packed in a checked bag you (and they will have to wait)

  • I would check out pet airways I have heard several people talk about them and used them they were very happy. I could not have my baby go into the luggage area I flew to Texas to get Jayden and there is not that much room under the seats I know Jayden would not fit under there now. Still cost me $75.00 for his flight. Kind of nuts little carrier under seat going and no cost but that extra 5 or 7 lbs what ever he was cost that much to fly.

    Rita Jean

  • Keep in mind that PetAirways has a central location stop overnight in a kennel (at least that's what they did when I looked into it) Much like all dogs shipped from Europe spend the night in Amterdam Kennels or Frankfurt Germany before heading over here from many cities. If there is not direct flight - they batch them up there.

    If you could the only thing I would change would be to see if you can get a direct flight. The most issues happen in connections - but even then many issues are a result of the crate not being sturdy enough.

    Once they inspect the dog - they zip tie the edges and doors of the crate - the will even drill extra holes to run the zip ties through if there aren't any.

    If you are transferring - I've had some folks use a SERVICE called Air Animal - they are a broker and for relocation sometimes in paying for the move - the company will pay for that as well. They board the animal at either end of the trip if you are say - driving a moving van. There are a couple basenjis in Texas that were transported that way and the company paid ME to board them for 2 weeks until the owners were in and settled.


  • There are also a bunch of ground transport options - if you type in ground pet transportation you will get a lot of options - have never tried any of them though.

  • Air Animal was founded by a vet here in Tampa, they have been in business for at least 20 years and have a good reputation.

  • First Basenji's

    We flew Mojo to Texas from California with us. Make sure you get a certificate of good health before you go, or the airline will not let him on the plane. The certificate can't be older than 30 days. We took a straight flight and he was in a crate in the cargo area. He did fine, but don't forget a leash- first thing after getting off the plane you will need to take him potty!!!!

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