• My B likes to chew on his toenails….Even after they've been cut. Sometimes, it wakes me up because he's laying next to me and chewing like its a bone or something. Ideas? Anyone? Physical? Mental? Just Basenji? (Only had 1 B4 and he never did this).

  • Jenson doesnt do it, but my 3 basenji females can do it also, sometimes I think they eat their toes of, but it never happens, neither do they get wounds or stuff from it, so I dont do anything about it 😉

  • My B's don't but I had an afghan that did!

  • Of my 3, Brando is the only one that chews his nails. He also does it even if his nails have just been dremeled. I guess he just likes to do it.

  • Out of our five, Ivy does it…I don't think it is a big deal 🙂 wierd, yes...but not worriesome.

  • Our girl Jaycee chews on her nails. Our shiba also has always done it since she was little. Just like our cat does his nails we just say its the cat comming out in our dog.

    Rita Jean

  • My Mickii would chew her nails…. I agree... wierd... not worriesome

  • Mine does it now and then. Kinda like somebody chewing their fingernails, nervous habit. Nothing to be concerned about.

  • My B does it occasionally. What's even more weird, when he's laying in the sun he likes to extend his arms out and rubs his paws together. Tough to explain really, but it's quite comical. I originally though it was an allergy but there's no evidence of any problem.

  • Blaze chews his nails after he's walked on sand or gravel.

  • Thanks all for the responses. I was just curious 'cause I'd never had a dog or known a dog that did this. Someone told me it could be allergies. But with the responses here and the fact that it is only an ocasional thing, probably not. Just a new dog thing I never knew they did.:) Didn't know cats did it either!

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