In search of the perfect chew

  • I would love to try out some new chews for our Bs, but I would love some recommendations. They love bully sticks, they are very picky as far as flavors of nylabones, everlasting treats last about 10 minutes. Since Lola is still a puppy, when we get them chews I get two of the same & take hers away when he is finished with his. I like to leave toys & chews out for them, but they either lose interest (femur bones, etc although they love hooves) or work on them until they're gone. Any good ideas for an inbetween happy medium? What do you leave out for your b?

  • I don't leave any thing other than biscuits and toys out while I'm not around. My previous basenji swallowed some small rawhide chews almost whole and then they got gut-stuck. That sound he made I never want to hear again!

    However, to answer your question, EL D likes pizzle sticks (cheaper than bully sticks) and those knubby nyla bones (they come in different flavors).

  • Senji likes these treats called "Better than Ears". They're shaped like pig's ears, and they don't make him sick. They're made in Meadville, PA. They cost between $2.50-3.00 for 9 of them, but the paper often has $1 off coupons.

  • I like the dried tendons.
    Pet Smart sells them…
    They have no fat on them and no smell.
    I went to check the brand name and we are out..
    so, I will get some more.
    The b's love them and they aren't messy at all.

  • I use the tendons as well. I also use marrow bones with most of the marrow scooped out (but they only get those in their crates when I leave for work) as a special workday treat.

  • Our 4 B's love twin hoofers made by Merrick. Although they are about $3 or $4 a piece, they last a few days, and present a stimulating challenge for the dogs to pry out the ankle and toe bones.

    They are certainly better than the smoked ham bones, which they shred in an hr or two then it starts splintering; not to mention the pooping marathon that ensues. The long beef bones are better in some ways but they strip those in the same amount of time and get bored with them quickly.

    Rawhides of any kinds are prohibited in our household due to horror stories from others. So many people don't realize how bad those things are.

  • She-Ra's crazy about the Everlasting Treats, but only inside the little rubber toy you're supposed to put them in…takes her a solid hour or so to get it out and eat it then she's ready for bed. 🙂

    Booda bones are also good. The bimple variety that have a texture to them.

  • I have been buying marrow bones from the deli & freezing them. Although I don't leave them out for him until all the marrow is gone so it's just a bone he can knaw on, which he does.

    The only thing I really leave out besides the bones once the marrow is gone, are durable nylabones or the dental dino. However, I really don't notice Dallas chewing on them much anymore. When he was teething he would sit for hours chewing on a nylabone…now it seems maybe 10 minutes tops before he's up & runnin around.

    Dallas can finish a bully stick in like an hour so for the price, I just don't buy them anymore.

  • I give kaycee a raw chicken wing most days. Sometimes she has a roo tail, though don't know if you can get them where you are.

  • Maybe I should try the chicken wings. How long does it usually take her to finish one?

  • Only about 10 minutes, but she really enjoys them.

  • Jack ONLY likes the ropes…well atleast we all know Jack Flosses!!! 🙂

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