• I indulged by stopping on the way home from the park for some cooked to order Publix 'hot and spicy wings' and beer, and saw a package (not made in China) of long rawhide rolls, 2 big ones, on the 1/2 price rack. These suckers are about 12 inches long and 1 1/2 or 2 inches diameter. Now, I am not a fan of rawhide chunks, I have pulled big ones out of Topper's throat, but my guys have gotten very jaded and have bully sticks lying all over so I thought I'd see if these fired them up.

    Safe to say they like them as they have not stopped chewing on them for over an hour! Nicky actually had to stop and pant as she was chewing so vigorously. Eddie is starting to get his unrolled, not a good thing, and taking these away from them may be dangerous! ;-). Not bad for $3.50!

    Good chewing on a hot afternoon!

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