• In the future, not any time soon, I'd like to get a companion for Alani. My boyfriend would like to get a Dachshund (I'd of course want another 😎 but since I won the first round I'll probably end up giving in. I was wondering if any of you had any advice as to how long we should wait before adding another addition to the family. And if it is better to get another older dog or puppy?

    Alani is 1yr old and was adopted from the rescue here in Colorado. She was living with her foster parent for, I think 4 months and was rescued from a high kill shelter before that with little to no additional background. She has been now living with us for about a month.

  • We have six Basenji's and a terrier mixhttp://www.basenjiforums.com/showthread.php?t=462 that we had before the Basenjis arrived.

    I think if you would introduce another Basenji as a pup it would work fine, the sooner the better. Another breed of similar size and agility shouldn't be a problem and would be my next choice. I would point out that I have to watch the small dog at times, the Basenji's can play a little rough and that size difference is an issue, something you may want to consider in a partner.

  • Peggy, head of the Colorado rescue sort of discouraged getting another dog for a while. I guess I have mixed emotions about it because I can see why someone would want to wait (getting her adjusted in, feeling like she now has a real home, etc.). I can also see reasons why sooner is better than later (there's less resentment that someone is invading HER space, the younger she is the more easy it may be for her to adjust, ect.).

    With the size difference I can definately understand why a smaller dog would need extra supervision and obviously a puppy. I was thinking a Dachshund wouldn't be so bad in this situation because I know they are pretty good at holding their own (little dog syndrome) being that they were bred to hunt badgers I know they can be tough little dogs when needed.

  • I was up against this just a couple months ago. I've found they do better in pairs. Even if they are just "getting along" they still have another one around. Three times now we've introduced one of our Basenjis to their new playmate:

    Our first, Brie (female), was just over 2 when we brought in 12 week old male, Ramsey. Brie never fully accepted Ramsey. I think she would have preferred to be an only dog at times, but they did occasionally play. Still, she made it know this was HER house he was in. They coexisted for the most part, but never fought. 12 years later after we lost Brie, we got 4 mo old Bonnie. Bonnie loved Ramsey, but now the roles reversed – Ramsey got tired of Bonnie's puppy play and nipping -- WE got tired of his reaction! We wanted to break this cycle. So 6 months later we visited a breeder who had 2 puppies and 2 9mo olds. Bonnie DID NOT like the puppies, was OK with one of the older males and wanted to play with the other older male. So in came Smitty. Bonnie may have warmed up to the pups but she really bonded well with the one older male. Bonnie and Smitty are the same age, opposite sex and are now best friends.

    Given my experiences, I'd say sooner is better if you know for sure you're going to get another. Definitely opposite sex. If possible, take Alani with you to see how she reacts to another dog, I'm not sure how Bonnie and the other male would have bonded. Give yourself enough time to let the dogs get use to each other. We were at the breeder's for a couple hours.

  • The only thing I would be concerned about with a Dachshund would be the possiblity of it having some back damage with the rough play of a basenji…or even trying to do the same acrobatics that Bs do. I have known some folks who had a lot of problems with disk and spine problems with Doxies...but I don't know if that is typical. Something to think about though...

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