• I am sorry if you get too many of these requests to help identify odd dogs. I mentioned this on Quora and was directed here so took the chance.
    I am in Qld Australia. Two months ago I lost my lovely Staffy girl to cancer. We have had English Staffies in the family for a long time and I knew I could not afford to get another full Staffy. I told myself I did not want another dog. I am 73, a new puppy might be too much work for me .... but began browsing through the dogs up for rehoming and found a little dog, two years old, a Staffy Jack Russell cross.
    I applied for her, expecting to be rejected again but they had a big open day at the kennel and I think trying to move some dogs on, and accepted my application!
    She had been found as a stray, with no microchip. The kennel called her Molly. With Covid issues it was all done online.
    Molly has now been with us, my husband and I, for 2 weeks. We noticed right away that she was sort of different. Not a Staffy - more like a Meerkat or ferret, or even a little fox. She was only 8.3 kgs.
    The rescue kennel said she was reactive with other dogs, she could bite and she had a funny bark. I think she's had a rough few months. I know rescue
    dogs are careful about noise and toileting and sometimes refuse food.
    Molly reminded me of an African dog breed - I had seen photos but could not remember the name.
    I took her to our vet to have the stitches from desexing removed. The vet said - she looks like one of those African dogs that don't bark. I came home and googled and found the Basenji - and that's what she looks like to me....crossed with something like a Jack Russell.
    Her tail is straight and thick - slightly fox like. I know that is not a Basenji tail. But our pure Staffy girl had a curled up tail.
    She is very slender in the body and very quiet. I heard her bark once - a sort of growl and one loud husky yap. My husband said she barked once on a walk. Apart from that no sound at all.
    She loves to cuddle-a lot. She stands up for cuddles, with her little paws on our knees and jumps neatly onto a chair, but she does not bounce into the air on springs as our Staffies did.
    She burrows - digging outside or into pillows and blankets. After the first 24 hours she's eaten everything I've given her - real meat and veg and enjoyed it. She can catch a fly in her mouth.
    On the first day she looked at me for permission to sit on the lounge chair. I said yes and she's taken that to include all chairs and beds. Okay with me.
    After two days she asked to sleep in our bed. That's okay too.
    She is very quick outside - we keep her on the lead because we have ten acres of forest with kangaroos and huge lizards and snakes. We never leave a dog outside alone. They have always lived in the house.
    While she desperately wants to chase everything that moves she is torn - looking at me, then longingly at the bird/lizard and so far has come back to my end of the lead.
    I want to bond well with this dog. I want to understand her and if she is Basenji she might have different needs to the dogs I am used to.
    I've trained our dogs in the past, but just to a point for comfortable living - I don't want to train away their personality or free will. Molly could already 'sit' (no stay though) and now she has learned 'wait'.
    I feel sad because somewhere there is someone who lost this dog and I wish they knew that she is safe and happy and learning.
    We've just spent a lot of money, with the adoption fees, vet costs, tick and heart worm meds, new harness etc. and a good DNA kit is over $250 here. Out of the question at the moment.
    The dog lovers at Quora say this is not a Basenji cross - they think she is a Staffy / Jack Russell as we were told. I'd appreciate any comments that might help me.


  • Hi Janine - It's Deb who you've been corresponding to on Quora. I remembered my login so thought I'd check in during lunch break! The woman who I got my last 3 Senji's from in Susan Coe, a very well know American breeder, who now resides in Australia! She is the author of "The Basenji: Out of Africa to You". Fascinating book.
    I think you will find enough information on this site and from your own keen observations to find out how to best bond with Molly (although I have to admit.... if she comes to you on recall.... I'd have to question her being a Basenji, lol!) I never ever let my Basenji's off leash unless they are in a fenced yard..... and I've been know to walk the fence line first even then.... I'm definitely a nervous Nellie Mom because I know when a hunting dog sets it's sight on prey and takes off they don't stop and don't notice the oncoming traffic. It took a bit to socialize the current pup to other dogs particularly the larger ones even though she was a successful show dog in her youth. I got her when she was 4. Actually, Susan Coe is a co-breeder of this dog also. Let's see what other forum members have to say about your girl. We will definitely chat again soon though.

  • sorry not a basenji - in Hawaii we call it a poi dog.

  • Yes, I know she is mixed breed. Jack Russell - and Basenji or English Staffie? is the question.
    Here in Australia if we think its more than a two mix we call it a bitza - bits of this and bits of that.

  • @janine-p
    Looks can be deceiving- you’ll never know if she’s actually part basenji unless a DNA test is done. Regardless - she is adorable and she is lucky to have found a new home with lots of love! Congratulations on your new pup! She’s beautiful!❤🐾

  • Thank you Kembe.

  • She's very handsome but I would say more Staffie than Basenji - DNA test will tell.

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