• So, I bought this huge dog pillow for my golden-mix; Jazzy already has a smaller pillow, a basket, my sons' camp chairs and multiple laps to curl up on.
    Gypsy is almost 13 yrs old and does have a blanket but it's raggedy {since Jazzy moved in, go figure} and needed to be replaced. So I bought this huge, puffy pillow for Gypsy to rest her weary old bones on.
    Right. As if she can get near it. Jazzy staked her claim as soon as the pillow was out of the package and Gypsy is lying on the hardwood floor.

    sigh. OH well, Gypsy did get to sleep on it last night, as Jazzy sleeps in her kennel. First thing after this morning's potty break though, Jazzy shot in the house and hasn't left the pillow yet. Every time Gypsy gets near it, there's a low grrrumph that comes from the supposedly sleeping Basenji. . . We're gonna have to work on that. 😉


  • Looks like there's more than enough room for several dogs….....that's cute.

    But I feel bad for Gypsy, she does need to rest her weary bones on that pillow. So much for dog seniority huh?

  • As if Jazzy neeeeds such a huge pillow!! Poor Gypsy 😞 can't mom stick up for her & get her the pillow back??

    Topaz tries to claim EVERYTHING in the house from C3…I need to step in sometimes because she hogs the nyla bones, the toys, the crates (yeah she likes BOTH crates as hers). Need I say more 🙂

  • Oh, there's been plenty removal of the youngster so the old gal can climb on {with not a little low grumbling about it from the youngster, of course}, but as soon as I turn around, Jazzy is back up there edging Gypsy off. She starts on the corner, then wiggles further in, and further.
    And Gypsy is so mild mannered, she just accepts that and moves to the floor!
    My kids think it's hilarious because Jazz looks so small on that big bed. I think she's just a little turd.

  • hahaha jazzy is a bed hog! she looks sooooo peaceful. they have a great knack for finding the softest place to lay.

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