Receiving new Basenji puppy Monday 2/11/19

Thank you for the feedback everyone. With all do respect.. I've had numerous dogs growing up and I've always received them at 8 weeks. I've lived on farms and have lived in Utah my whole life. My dog's have always done extremely well with this endless recreation I've provided them. I'm adamant on training and I don't live in fear that 8 weeks is too early. I believe in environment.

Puppy school is going to set a great foundation for him and I truly believe that especially when there is great puppy schools in Utah that are all free from 8-20 weeks. Utah believes in puppy training. We're blessed here.

As for the breeder. I've actually talked with Candyce numerous times via email, text, phone, and Skype (She's and Android user) and I must say, I would never put down any sort of money on something that I don't believe is a great investment. She talks with me every day, her daughter has basenjis as well and has sent me photos and updates when Candyce has had other obligations with, oh I don't know, life.

I believe whether you have a dog or a child or whatever you have in this world, there are always going to be someone telling you how wrong you're doing things. I think I've gotten my answer. No, I will not be telling Candyce to hold onto my puppy. I will provide everything and more for him that even the people I do know don't do for their dogs.

Thanks for the feedback, it has been much appreciated!

We got our very first basenji girl at 12 weeks. She was a left over. She also grew up into an independent little lovely lady. Not to say she didn't have her occasional 'B' moments, like leaping onto the coffee table and running across our pizza one night! She was such a joy, we decided to get another from the same breeder. We got him at 8 weeks. She felt it would be fine since we were 'experienced' (I really have to laugh here, because NOTHING could have prepared us for what we were about to invite into our home!) and we had our female to 'teach' him the ropes. He was nothing like our female, he wanted my attention all the time. We had to teach him how to play, how not to bite. There were many pleas for help from members of b-com. I'm not telling you this to frighten you. The dogs were as different as night and day. It could have just been their personalities, it's hard to say. I wouldn't have traded a day with either dog. I think it's a personal decision, however, our girl at 12 weeks certainly was more independent.

@theoriginaldev , don't take what's been said personally. There is a big mix of basenji owners here, all with their opinions, advice, and experiences. If you've never owned a basenji, then you're in for a real treat. They are extremely unique which is one of the many reasons why the basenji community is so protective. There are so many people that buy or adopt them with no clue what they are getting in to. The fact that you're here asking questions says a lot, and I'm sure you and your pup will be just fine. I've been in this community for a little over a year since I rescued my B/mix; and I'll try and clarify their concerns.

In regards to breeders, the reason we ask is to prevent further spread of fanconi disease among basenji. There have been a few breeders out there that have had loads of unhealthy pups which puts the health of the breed in danger.

Reasons not to ship a pup by plane; If you've done your homework and found a reputable, and humane way to fly your pup that you trust to take care of you new family member, then by all means go for it. However, most get shipped like cargo with no AC, noise, and other hazards. My cousin lost her pup in the back of a plane, it was pretty gruesome as another item being shipped wasn't strapped properly and pinned it and it suffocated.

As for training, I think its a great idea to get/do training. However there is always the risk of your pup getting sick before being vaccinated.

And as for the age 8-12 months. If you've never owned a basenji then you'll pick up on their very unique personality pretty quick. They learn a lot of social cues from their mother and litter-mates in that 12 months. If they don't learn them, they need to learn them from you, and if you're not an experienced in training stubborn breeds you'll have a tough time.

Bottom line is, its not personal. This same advice is given out almost daily here. Mostly to people who have no clue what their doing or how to do it; they get in over their head and then we see a post about them wanted to get rid of the pup. I came here a little over a year ago with questions and got the whole talk too; really made me reconsider adopting, instead I just did more research, continued to talk to people here, and I'm happy to report I have a very healthy, happy, and well trained B/mix. All of us here really do wish you the best of luck! And please feel welcome to come back if you ever have questions OR ADVICE!, there really is a vast amount of knowledge here (If you can put up with the tone in which its provided) 😉 .. GL!

@theoriginaldev said in Receiving new Basenji puppy Monday 2/11/19:

Thank you for the feedback everyone. With all do respect.. I've had numerous dogs growing up and I've always received them at 8 weeks.

The pertinent question is, have you ever had a Basenji? Our family dog was a Sheltie, and I honed my training abilities as a teenager, walking and training other people's dogs, everything from Golden Retrievers to German Shepherds to Cavalier King Charles, a Boxer, and even a Greyhound, plus numerous mixed breeds. None of them were anything like Basenjis. Of my five, I did get one at 7 weeks old, but my 7 year old girl "adopted" her as her own, and essentially raised her for me. The others have all been 12 weeks and older. i would not expose a very young pup to other dogs in a puppy class. Just too much opportunity to pick up disease at that age.....and a very good chance that whoever is running the class hasn't a clue about Basenjis and how they learn.

Your experience with other dogs will help, of course, but don't expect your Basenji to respond in the same way as your previous dogs. They are unpredictable, delightful, and frustrating to train. And although they have many things in common, they are all individuals. Just when you think you know how it's done, your latest one will throw you a curve and you have to figure out what is going to work for this one.

I hope you enjoy your pup, and I hope you consider what the experienced folks on this forum suggest.

@theoriginaldev I think you are fine at eight weeks to pick up the Basenji. I would refer to a vet for guidance on puppy school, I remember that dogs before their second set of injections should not be exposed to much. If I remember correctly my vet told me to limit the dogs exposure to other dogs because their immune system is weak. “I've had numerous dogs growing up” Basenjis are dogs, but they are very unique and not at all like most dogs. Also their personalities can be like chalk and cheese, so nobody here knows what type of personality your dog will have. They can be anything from placid to quite viscous. The reason people on here are very adamant in their opinions, is because a Basenji can be anywhere from easy going to absolute hell. If you are a “Basenji person”, you will adapt, learn and survive regardless of the trials and become hooked on the breed. As far as flying, I am wrestling with this myself, I guess it is the luck of the draw. Some say it’s perfectly safe and it probably is in most cases, however there is a risk which should be avoided if possible.

I'll admit, No, I've never owned a Basenji and I've been studying up on the breed for months now preparing myself as much as possible. I'll ask my vet when I get him tomorrow what he thinks about puppy school and exposure. Thanks for the advice. Also, I know I seem super confident but I'm trying to stay positive about it. I myself am a stubborn person so maybe my B will fit nicely with my lifestyle.

I just want to be the best parent 😭😭 haha

Thanks again you guys.

@theoriginaldev said in Receiving new Basenji puppy Monday 2/11/19:
I myself am a stubborn person so maybe my B will fit nicely with my lifestyle.

I just want to be the best parent 😭😭 haha

Thanks again you guys.

What you will need in spades is patience and a sense of humour. But the rewards are great. I had very few days when my Basenji did not make me smile or laugh out loud. If you have any experience with cats, that will come in handy too. Basenjis are far more interested in pleasing themselves than in pleasing you, something to keep in mind when teaching them. And if you can gain their interest and curiousity, you may be surprised at what they will happily do for you. 🙂

@theoriginaldev I sent you a chat on here regarding your experience with the flight if you get a chance to shoot me a message back I would appreciate it!

Just got him today!! Couldn't be happier. Meet Brixton (Brix) 0_1549927163962_C6C95C09-F0F2-4183-B7AE-61644B1FC49D.jpeg

@theoriginaldev your life as you know it will never be the same! Patience, consistency, a firm but gentle hand, with a sense of humor is what you are going to need for the duration of the life of your precious gift. WELCOME home little one!! 🙂

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