• Hello to all I am new at this forums. I live in Oakley C.A. and would like to ask anyone out there know where I can get a puppy from a good breeder that is near me. I just want it as a family pet not for show dog. thank you.

  • This is a great time to have found the forum b/c there are LOTS of people here who are very willing to help you do your homework. There are also a lot of good breeders in NorCal. 90% of basenjis breed once a year in the fall so breeders likely have their plans set, health testing done, and they're making waiting lists.

    Some links:



  • Hi and welcome to the list…. You are really close to me and I am planning a litter as is another fairly local forum member. Please visit our site, I have a questionnaire if you care to fill out. Site is www.tanzabasenjis.net and then go to 2008 Litter Plans. The other site is http://kineticbasenjis.tripod.com/, who is in Woodland.
    Are you familiar with Basenjis? Have you met any in person? That is also a good place to start, visiting with breeders and/or people that have Basenjis. Also you might want to check out our No. Ca Basenji club site and consider visiting at any of our events. That site is www.norcalbasenjis.org

  • Hi sackman and welcome to the forum. I highly recommend both Tanza Basenjis and Kinetic Basenjis. You won't go wrong with either one of them. 🙂

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