• Please post here if you have a basenji puppy and his or her age….

    There are so many members and so many seem to have puppies....

    I am having a hard time remembering who have the little guys.


    I have Cario who is a brindle boy and is 5months....

  • We have Ariel, she is also brindle, and also 5 mos. 🙂

  • I have a red/white girl, 5 months old, named Cory. I also have three 12 week old red/white pups, one girl and 2 boys. Talk about ENERGY!!!!

  • Nexa is a red and white and is also 5 months old:)

  • I have Sophie, 5 month old black and white girl.

  • I have Kobey, Tri Male, will be 5 months on May 31st

  • Keoki, red and white, is 4 months.

  • Great! I wish we had a section for puppy chat….

    I thought Cairo was finished with teething and now he is dropping molars...

    He also has come into a new phase where the energy level has tripled in the evening as well as his manly stuff....

    anyone else experiencing energy spurts at 5 months?

    how about the girls?

  • Hi I am waiting to pick up my puppy Mdjai. He is a 5.5 month old tri-color.

  • We have Daisy, almost 5 mos old. She is a tri-color mix. Her energy level is up there. She's either sleeping, chewing or rough-housing with Duke.

  • I have Damisi, a b/w almost 4 mos. The energy level is definitely up there and she's a real pest to the others. Most dogs will teeth until approx 9 mos. with various teeth.

  • etz, be forewarned that there is serious molar teething going on….

    Cairo loves to chew on teething nylabones and my socks.....

    Well there is quite a community of puppies here....

    Please post pics of your pup so we can see them....and their weight if you know it....

  • I have Wyatt, a 5 month old tri-color. He is 16lbs right now. He is full of energy that I try to burn off with walks/running.

  • Oh, I didn't post Keoki's weight. As of last week he was 13 lbs; he is 4 mos old. Photos are posted in my section of the gallery. And he has been WAY TOO ENERGETIC

  • Oops, something happened.. my post send before I wanted it to.

    Keoki has been a bundle of energy lately. If he is not sleeping, he's annoying the daylights out of the other two dogs, or looking for things to get into.

  • We have Chevy. She is 5 months old , she's cory's sister from Robyn at Sherwood Basenji's.

  • We have Kona, he's 5.5 months old.

    I just had him at the vet and apparently he lost all his teeth…by what she says? haha

    And yes, he also is EXTREMELY energetic...the weather has been cold and rainy the last few days so he has been driving his mommy nearly insane 🙂

  • Daisy's stats:

    5 mos old on May 21st.
    19 lbs
    16" to shoulder

    Her adult front upper/lower teeth are in. Both upper canines are lost one adult has come in. She still has lower baby canine. The baby teeth seem to come out fairly quickly - don't they?

  • I have Zuri, she is a 4 month old Tri. She weighs in at 10lbs right now. Full of energy??? We got our first glimpse of the Basenji 500 the other night….too funny! Love our little girl!


  • I have a 5 and half month old little girl. She is a red/white and her name is Akili.

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