Is My Basenji puppy color rare?

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I have a Basenji puppy and he looks bluish / Grey, can anyone help me with my question is he a rare color?
![alt text](image url)

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Have you spoken to his breeder? That should be your first contact. Did he come from Nocturnal Kennels? Blue and Cream are diluted colors

A picture would help. Puppy colors can be misleading. As they get older the colors can deepen or lighten (or both!). How old is the pup?

IIRC all dogs are three colors -- red, black, and white. All the differences are just darker or dilute shades of those colors. So as mentioned grey or blue would just be a dilute black.

Just curious as to whether you'd be upset with a "rare" color or happy with it. In any event it shouldn't affect personality or behavior.

Blue happens when there is an absence of red pigment. Some breeders try for them - Nocturnals for one. I think there was a move towards 'mahogany' too, a couple of years back.

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