Adding basenji as puppy playmate

  • We got the chance to dog sit my daughters Basenji, while she is off on vacation. It has been a pretty good experience so far. Day 3!!! Solomon is 7 month old and Sadie is 3 year old. They have done very well together although it is difficult to tell if they are playing are trying to kill each other!!
    If this works out I am in the market for another basenji because, he has been very happy to have a friend to play with. I told my daughter I woulud just keep her's and as you might imagine that was a diffiant No.

  • I have been very pleased with the experience as well. I am a true believer in "multiples have more fun" idea.

  • DITTO. Dash loves having a companion. We are looking in to a rescue Basenji right now. That would make 3 but what's one more?

  • ha ha dash, you say that now but the basenji rescue bug will bite you and you will adopt another and another until there are curly tails everywhere:D

  • I don't have a problem with that. The issue may be that BRAT won't adopt to us since we have cats.

  • Remember there are other places to find a rescue. Many of the regional clubs do rescue (you can find them all listed at and also there is an "adoption" section of The Basenji Mag on line (

  • Tanza, thanks for the reminder. I remember seeing that somewhere and forgot. I emailed all of them and hopefully they will have something for us.

  • funny it seems we have all been bited with the B multiple bug. I am now on every possible (known to me) list and am very eagerly awaiting a reply from somewhere nearby. Reading back my earlier posts I would never have imagined #2 especially when there were times when I thought (for only half a megasecond) that I couldn't deal with Champ but with the help and support from everyone here on the forum I've made it through and now have the ultimate Basenji fever!

  • Luzmery- this is who I contacted and got a response from TODAY! He said he had about 27 dogs it is just him and 2 other people. I know he is in Indianapolis but maybe he can get you in contact with someone closer.
    Keath Rhymer

    (317) 507-6540

    Tanza, Thank you again for this referral. I didn't expect such a quick response. We had originally wanted to foster but BRAT had said that there were very few dogs in this area so we were looking to adopt. He said he has enough dogs we should be able to foster, which is what we originally wanted.

  • Thanks Dash for your suggestion. i will send him an email. Thanks to everyone for your referrals. I just received an e-mail from someone not too far from us that has a B female who seems just perfect for our family. Wiah us luck..and good luck to you.

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