Is my new puppy part Basenji?

Hi all - I am new to this group and forum! We recently rescued our puppy and fell heads over heels for her. We thought she was part terrier part Corgi but recently we were told she was probably part basenji. After researching Besenji's, we realized that the pictures and descriptions fit her and her personality. I thought I would ask what you all think....


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If her ears were erect - I would say she looks like my pure-bred Baenji!
She is adorable!๐Ÿบ๐Ÿ˜Š

So cute...certainly would be fun to run a dna to see. Not sure how much that costs. In any case you have a beauty.

@kembe Here is another picture - with her ears erect - What do you think?


@chrisf - I've ordered the test from amazon so will do it shortly. I am really curious too!

Make sure that you share the results with us!
I love that DNA stuff.

My dog is 12 years 9 months but you can see the similarities with your dog.

@olneycanadian check the paws as suggested, itโ€™s a good indicator.

Does it really matter ?
She's cute, obviously happy (and you love her!) - What more do you need ?

You have SUCH a cute puppy! She looks like part Basenji to me...our first adopted puppy was supposed to be"half shepherd, half collie" As she grew our vet said "no way...she's part Basenji!!!" and that started us on our lifelong love of the breed!!!! Wishing your pack health and happiness.

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DNA is not exact, but at least for the main parts, it is. Sally asked why does it matter... but it can help so you are aware of common health/genetic issues.

As for conjoined toes, lots of dogs have them, but if a breed standard for any, I can't find it. I found a gazillion forums (okay not a gazillion but lots, including retrievers, shelties, labs, etc) with people showing their dogs' feet and asking others. Most breed boards said happens, not common.

I noticed a lot of the dogs with joined have hare-feet (elongated middle toes), but the basenji standard calls for
" Feet-Small, oval and compact with thick pads and well arched toes. Dewclaws are usually removed"

Breeds with hare feet include several of the toy breeds, Samoyed, Bedlington Terrier, Skye Terrier, Borzoi, and Greyhound.<<

I didn't mean 'why does it matter' in that sense - Just 'why is it important for you to know her exact breeding as long as she is so cute and friendly and you love her ?'

She's very cute. Congratulations.

Keep in mind that Basenjis are not that common, which means a Basenji mix would not be that common. That said, the down ears don't necessarily mean anything unless they're never up, and the ears are up in the other shot. So it's possible. The markings are definitely right.

As suggested, if you really want to know a DNA test will be a lot better than guesses.

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