My 5 year old Basenji is biting new Basenji puppies hard

  • @dennis - ? you purchased a litter of puppies?

  • Only 2 puppies. They are adorable and 100% healthy. I love them so much! The pups climbed the baby gate today and when I got home they were happy and uninjured. My boy was outside. The puppies can't get through the doggy door yet. I do see them getting along better. I think it will all be OK. Just being cautious. Better safe than sorry. Thanks for all your input. It is very much appreciated!

  • @dennis If there are Oppossums and Raccoons in your area do NOT let the Dogs eat grass.These animals carry a parasite that is transfered via the feces. In Horses it is called EPM and it is basically Horse Multiple Sclerosis. My 25 year old Quarterhorse had to be put down due to that. I now manage all of my Mares differently.

    If these animals are in your area and there is something going on with your Dogs walking such as walking crooked or losing the control of the hind legs then you can ask the Vet (Horse Vets have the most experience with this) for a test that is done in South Carolina only. I will have to go through my Vet Records from when I had to euthanize my Horse to tell you the name of the Company that does this.

    EPM mimics Lymes Disease and you should always have your Dog tested for Lymes. Lymes causes Cancer and it is a horrible disese.

    No grass eating if the wild animals are in your area. In NJ where I live we no longer have these animals because the State Department of the Environment kills them. They do this because we have the Headquarters of the United States Equestrian Team here and the Horses are very valuable. I Board my Horses with a friend in PA right across the State Line so that is how my Horse got the EPM. There is no point in moving my Mares back to NJ because they have all been exposed. Eventually it will kill them.

    I too would want a healthy Pup and if I were not so crazy about the Breed I would go to the Shelter and get a Dog from there. My Horses are always Owner Surrenders so I do not buy them. I am telling you this because it sounds like the Dog you lost may have been exposed to this Parasite.

    This is a relatively new developement in diseases in Canids. The Vets do not know it when they see it and the Small Animal Vets do not share information with Equine Vets. There is a crossover and the AVMA which is PRO Slaughter for Horses and their Cousins does not inform the Small Animal Vets about things like EPM. I think this will be changing because as more Dogs are exposed and it is not Lymes they will have to admit there is something else going on.

    Enjoy your Pups Dennis but do not let them eat the grass!



  • I'm in the desert, but the big issue out here is valley fever from a spore in the dirt. Had a dog die from that before. My neighbors dog just got it too. No way to avoid it. When they do construction out here, the dust gets stirred up and they AND humans breath it in and the fungus takes over. It is very hard to get rid of and the meds Fluconazol is really hard on the liver. Hope they don't get that. Workers are supposed to saturate the ground to prevent the dust, but it really doesn't stop it from spreading.

  • @dennis The Desert poses lots of problems. You may not have Lymes or the EPM that dogs get but a whole lotta trouble. I have zero experience with that environment having lived on the East Coast for all of my life. I have been to most of the US except for Alaska and Hawaii. I have no idea what to suggest but maybe you can get the Air Filters that Construction workers use and retrofit them to fit your Dogs. If you are clever with your hands you could make these yourself. The eyes get irritatted as well. How about Goggles? I know it sounds goofey but you have to solve these problems in your own way. Invent something and get a Patent on it!

    Best of luck!


  • Snake training is a must out here. The dogs have to be trained professionally to stay completely away from the snakes. Lots of rattlesnakes out here and thier enemy, the king snake. They don't hurt dogs. I recently heard if rat pnemonia that can spread to animals too. The desert is harsh, but Basenjis love the heat and hate the rain, so they are happy if they can avoid the bad critters. Have you heard of trantula wasps. They have the most painful sting of anything in the world. Journals say if you get stung, "just lay down and cry" so you don't hurt yourself more by running into something. Hahaha. They scare me, and seem to mate in my backyard every year. We all stay far away. Not poisonous tho.

  • @dennis We had Copperhead Snakes here which are deadly. My Beagle Hound would find one and come barreling Home with one in his mouth that was playing dead. Snakes are all over the US and a lot of them are invasive species brought illegally from other Countries. They have Pythons and Boa Constrictors in Florida that are fast and they have killed Dogs and people too.

    I have no idea how to train your Dogs to not do what comes naturally to them. They are too curious and stubborn for their own good! My gal climbed a Tree at the Horse Farm and she went to high and was too scared to jump down. It took 4 people holding a Draft Horse blanket and loads of encouragement and bribes with her favorite Biscuit. When she got hungry she finally jumped and she had a soft landing right into the Blanket. She NEVER climbed that particular tree again but she did climb smaller trees. I never had her Dew Claws removed because when those are removed it messes with their balance and the ability to climb trees.

    Wow, I have never been a fan of the Desert. I have been to Turkey, Greece, Israel, Ireland and France plus a lot of the Carriberan Islands. I have been to several Greek Islands including one that was a Volcnic Island that had black sand. Sadly it is no longer safe to travel to a lot of the Greek Islands due to the Migrants. Greece has done more than its fair share of accepting the Migrants.

    Those Tararnula wasps sound awful! Keep safe!!


  • Just a follow-up. My older Basenji is now letting my puppies climb on him! He grumbles, but now only bites if they bite him first. The puppies are learning fast to not bite him, but it still happens at times. It's been a month and I'm feeling much better. My older boy is finally starting to warm up. They have even played together, tugging on a toy a few times. Thanks again for your input. I think it will all be fine. Thx!

  • Dennis, glad to hear that things are sorting themselves out. Usually time is all that is needed, and I have seldom seen a mature dog do more than remind puppies of their place. Generally they have "puppy immunity" while they are young, but that will wear off. Your next challenge may come as they mature if they decide to challenge your older dog.

  • That good news, Dennis - and you are likely to find, in the long run, that the older boy will teach the pups far more than you ever can. They'll get their street cred from him !

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