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Wow! So good to read about all your experiences. I have to say basenji interactions are fascinating… Good to hear Koufax and Lola's interactions arent too out of the ordinary. 🙂

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Hello All,

We have added another Basenji to our home. We currently have a 2.5 yr old male Basenji named Koufax. Our new puppy is a 9wk old female name Lola. We made sure to gradually introduce her and to give Koufax and the puppy equal attention. We always make sure to greet Koufax first before the puppy.

They get along most of the time…playing and chasing. Koufax openly shares his toys, water bowl...etc However, every now and then I think Koufax gets tired of her puppy ways. Sometimes he will growl at her or corner her. Before Lola, Koufax never showed any aggression towards other dogs and or humans. I mean NEVER! Im guessing this is his way of showing dominance? He also, at times, seems a little aloof. When its time for bed, Koufax will hide under the bed instead of on top of it...eventually he will join us.

I wanted to know if anyone had any advice for us? If this is normal... how to address it... and or advice overall about adding a new puppy. Note: Their time together is always supervised with me or my Husband. They are crate trained when we are not home.

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Thanks so much guys! We will try some of these suggestions and keep you updated on the results 🙂

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our Basenji Koufax recently got kicked out of daycare because he kept nipping at the workers (to get them to play). They said he also has issues with nipping other dogs.

Koufax is a such a great dog he never growls and only nips to get you to play. He is never aggressive over food, toys…anything out of possessiveness.

I dont think Koufax knows when to stop playing when he is in the "zone". Sometimes the other dogs growl and he will keep trying to play. How do we train him to understand enough is enough? Its like sometimes he has no stop button. Im afraid he will get badly injured all in the vain of just wanting to play...

My boyfriend has all but given up on daycare and thinks Koufax needs a playmate aka another basenji(female puppy pref). Is this a good idea? Will Koufax annoy them... or do basenjis adapt better to other basenjis? Has anyone out there added additional basenjis to the family or had a basenji that just wont stop playing?

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