• Here the month of may means lots of rain.It just started and its already been raining for two days. Most people worry about gloomy days, humidity, heat..maybe flooding, really horrible traffic. I worry about one very bored basenji, who is already going bananas without his daily exercise….......

  • May is May… Rained here today too. When my basenji is bored I pull out the laser pointer. He loves it & it's funny.
    Good luck & cheers

  • Bored, not bored, not my biggest concern. Rain means Cara thinks she will melt and see how long she can go without pottying– or she potties on the back porch or in the bedroom (now that I have her on fiber every other day). Oh well.

    I actually found myself looking at the "indoor potty" containers. I need to move to the desert.

  • Totally agree, Debra! Mind you, we've been lucky in that we have had days in between without rain and I've been able to get most of mine out.

  • My guy finds rain less objectionable when he goes out loose than when he is on a leash. That said, I am happy I have the hay shed to run him in. He finds it difficult to concentrate on doing his business if he is getting wet! 🙂

  • It took me a year to get mine to go outside in the rain without her rain coat. She would stop at the door and plan her bum and not move without it. If I carried her out she would sulk in the rain and absolutely would not pee - her record holding it was 20 hours. At least she will pee on cement because getting her to go on sopping wet grass is a nightmare

  • I have to wait for a break in the rain and pray thathe decides to pee. He can hold his poop for about half a day!! He never goes in the house though, when he can't hold it anymore he makes me take him out and, if he's desperate enough it doesn't matter if it's wet!!!.. But he gets so bored he starts chewing on everything and running around messing with everything.. Which is fun for a while and then…... It's amazing how just one or two days without his walk and it's noticeable , his change in behavior....

  • No matter how wet it is mine will dash outside if they perceive any likely prey.

    IF I force them outside when they want to pee, they'll stand in the pouring rain shivering and wet through, yet still refusing to toilet!

  • I wish a raincoat would help.. she stand outside if I go with her and MAKE her go and cries, holding up one melting foot then the other. Rain stopping doesn't help.. the ground is still wet. After nearly 2 yrs of this behavior, eating 1 meal or none several days a week if it was raining so she wouldn't have to pee/poop, she ended up with an infected anal gland, utter nightmare getting it to heal with soaking her blah blah. Vet put her on fiber to force the poop issue and cyproheptadine to make her hungry. I am sure she still hates the rain as much, but at least now she just cries and dashes out to do her business. But ohhhh the accusatory eyes.

  • wow. i guess I'm lucky I don't have that big a problem. He usually does it even if the ground is wet, although he hates it, but i think he knows he's gonna have to hold it if not… my problem is with anxiety due to too much energy. If the ground is wet he will pee and poo and thats it.. he will not go for a walk...

  • try little 5 minute bursts of training. Getting him to tire himself out mentally can compensate for the lack of the physical. Have him do puppy pushups (sit,down,sit), have him do some in house heel. A great time is if you watch tv together you can do mini training sessions on comercial breaks. Works really well to settle a high energy dog

  • Mental stimulation is a great option! If it were me, I would opt for lots of clicker training, learning new tricks and accomplishments. He will enjoy it and so will you. I find Basenjis have a limited attention span for things they already know how to do, but endless interest in learning new things that will benefit them with rewards. 🙂 (or you could go jogging in the rain) 😉

  • Thanks…. will definitely try.. it is actually pourring out right now.. missed our long walk again today!!!

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