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Ya that's a tricky one..started off the same (being scared of dogs barking and even car doors closing)..this was earlier on for him though at about 2 months old. For me it was just repetition; the more walks we went on the more he got used to noises-loud/unfamiliar. I would also let him know he was safe as soon as he was scared, just by saying "it's alright" and "good boy" in an exciting tone..worked for me!

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Nope not overweight i guess just has a lot of muscle mass 😛 and believe me we know! My 10Month Male is the star of the dog run, only cause he gets all the others to chase him…quite awesome.

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Not mixed? looks like a Basenji/Chihuahua from the second pic

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Ya I can tell right away when he sets his mind on mounting..He will tolerate playing with other dogs but his eyes are always to his target. So if I can't distract him With toys or other dogs that is when we take our leave and go for a long walk!
Thanks for your input

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So I take my dog to the dog park often. Twice daily during the week and 3-4 times on weekends (It's 15 minutes walking from my house) and Finn likes the woods that we use to get there! because I'm there often I am quite familiar with the people that show up that are regulars, Finley just wants to play, run, chase and of course be chased! He is very social with everyone he meets, zero problems with people (kids/adults). Now every now and then a new and or certain dog shows up and its like his mind switches from play, to relentless humping..Sex, Size,Age has no factor in this..yesterday was a poor 2 year old Great Dane..Every time (Romeo) would turn to try and get away Finn was already there lol Tried to distract him with toys/treats and other dogs 😛 no chance. I've seen it with a 4 month old female German Shepard, Rottweiler,Jack Russel…He really doesnt discriminate, What I would like to know from anyone is after his surgery will his drive to mount/hump continue? I almost want to stop bringing him there so it doesn't become a routine. Finn will be turning 8 months on the 28th, that's also when ill be scheduling his neutering 😛

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Haha 🙂 yeahhh the first month was like living with a stuffed animal 😛

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Welcome! This forum is full of helpful information, and of course people 🙂

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Ah, Don't know why i never thought of that!
Thank you!

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So my little guy is nearing 9 months and I was wondering if anyone knew of any* lure coursing places near MTl..I've been looking for over a month and nothing…would like to introduce the sport to Finn this summer!

Thanks guys

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