• Today I took Lillie for a nice walk in the park. Everytime she would see a dog coming she would lay down on the ground (it looked like she would pounce on the dog when the dog came close). She didn't pounce but got up nicely and did her smelling. None of my other dogs had ever placed themselves in this type of position. What did it mean? Did she think the dogs were prey? She did this to a rottweiler, american bull terrier, dachshund. She was smart enough to move to the side when she saw a pit bull running with his owner. Also, whenever someone jogged by she would jump on them. Are these basenji traits or just dog traits? Needless to say, we had alot of fun and best of all –-she was tired!


    PS We went to Petsmart for a treat. So many dogs there--Lillie got so many compliments. I was a very proud mommy!:D

  • Does she lay down and become totally focused on the dog coming towards her?… if so, it is normal.. she is in the stalking position.. ready to pounce if necessary... I love it when they do that..gggg
    Best is when they did that in a field of tall grass... and then jump up at the unsuppecting "foe"....

  • Yes, I couldn't think of the right word..stalking. The only difference is she didn't pounce. I was hysterical when I saw her do it. It happened so quickly. One minute we're walking…the next minute she's on the ground. Very amusing! It's amazing to me...each day my love for her grows more & more.


  • Mica often lies down on the ground to "..stalk the prey…" when we take walks. She has such interest in the world around her, it is quite amazing to try to understand the things she likes. Other people, other dogs, birds, flies, chewy things, holes in the ground, and this is all without english as a language, just a doggie talk, and sensory touching or sounds and smells that engulfs her world. It may be a dog across the street, sometimes it is even people whom she stalks. But she quite often waits, and sometimes I have to get her to "...come along..." too, because she wants to go over to say hello or she just decides that particular dog or person is not interesting enough for her. So we continue our walking.
    BaMicas mom

  • It all depends on how she was "down" for example a "crouching down" wit her body very low to the ground from head to tail & focusing on the other dog then I would say definitely pouncing position…but this could be puncing for play. My girl does this very often when she plays.

    If it's just down with her head up end front elbows on the ground then I would think she's just trying to send a signal...hey I don't mean any harm & I'm cool & calm 🙂 part of their doggy language.

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