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    So today I decided to take Otis to the new local dogpark that is located about 25 minutes from our house. He has never been to one and neither have I, so this was a first for both of us. We first went for a slow run, so my son could scooter for about 25 minutes, just enough to wear us all out…and then we went to the park area for the dogs.
    As we got closer to the fence I noticed what I thought looked like a basenji so I started walking faster, all excited to see a basenji..when I got even closer I saw that there were two B's playing in there and once I got to the fence, half jogging by now, leaving my poor 4 yr old in the dust I might add, I realized there were three, read it, 3 b's in there doing the B-500 right up to the fence were we were at..we had to stop so Lukas could catch up..LOL.
    Once inside Otis got very skiddish, he had never had several strange dogs in his face before, much less up his butt, so his tail was as straight as I have ever seen it and he had a mohawk, that would make most punkers proud..he pretty quickly settled down though and enjoyed the park, as long as he was about 10-20 feet away from me..he actually kept on turning around looking at me to see if it was Ok and also, I think, to not loose me..
    They all ended up having a great time, it was pretty cool to see.
    The owner was a woman I know via email, through BRAT, so I had never met her before, she had one female, Belle(red), of her own and these two 8 month old boys, that she was fostering about to adopt though..Shango (Red) and Ra(I believe) he was a tri. They were tiny compared to my large, but younger Otis, maybe about 17 or so lbs, which we both contributed to the fact that they were in pretty bad shape when Brat got them a few months ago, malnurished and mite infested and so on.
    She actually thought Otis was too large for being a basenji, but I don't think he is. She has never seen any "normal sized B's, the two pups are very small and her girl was petite at about 20lbs so yes Otis towered them all. All in all, we had a great time, we will do it again.. Of course I forgot my camera, typical, but I did tell her about the forum, so hopefully we will see her on here in a few..

  • Sounds like a fun time.

    Raising hackles is common for my B when he's around strangers. He's typically a cautious B in general, but always curious enough to approach people. I'm sure Otis enjoyed his time around fellow Basenjis. I wish there were more around here. I've been to a few different dog parks before and never have I seen another Basenji. 😞

  • Sounds like the first visit was a success! That's great that Otis looked back to see where you were. That's pretty good having run into 3 Bs too! I have yet to see a Basenji at the dog park I go to. People only mention that there has been some in the past but have not been around. Buddy likes to wrestle and run with the any dog large or small.

  • I am happy Otis got to play with one of his kind. Otis is not to tall Jaycee is tall. When we went to dog show Jaycee wanted to play with all dogs. Hope all of you can get together again for another play day. Don't forget the son you know the four year old. LOL…

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    I am glad too, he did enjoy it..he has been sleeping like a dead basenji since we got home..and no, I will not forget about Lukas..he is noicey enough, so I won't be able to "forget" him..

  • Well nice afternoon for you while two little ones sleep. Just joking about your son. I know you would not forget him. May have to put a motor on his bike can keep up.

    Rita Jean

  • You had a really great "first" experience at a dog park! A dog park basenji is a tired basenji. Glad you had such a good time.

  • :D:D:D Your description of Otis meeting the other Basenjis had me in stiches Basenjimomma:D

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