• Well Sunday was the day! My daughter and I got up early and took Trixie to our local dog park. Which is not so local for me but took us about 30 minutes to get there. TRIXIE LOVED IT!!!! She was so good and had a smile on her little face the entire time. Our dog park has two sections, one for small dogs and one for large dogs. We started out in the small dog section, I was a nervous wreck! I heard her make her devil noises a couple times and everyone there was looking at her like she was posessed or something. I had to explain that she was a Basenji and the noises she makes are a little different. She never got agressive with any of the smaller dogs but the dog park for big dogs was bigger so Kelsey and I took her over to it. She acted so much better with the bigger dogs (her sister at home weighs about 82 pounds so she is used to a bigger dog) she ran and played with all of the dogs for about 2 hours. It was a sucess. The only thing I did not care for was there were some little girls running around trying to pick up all of the dogs and when they ran up to Trixie I told them not to pick her up. Some adults looked at me strange but I don't care, I just did not want Trixie to do something and I would have never allowed my kids to run round picking up strange dogs!! All in all she was great, we will be going every weekend from now on!

  • Congratulations on a successful outing!
    I want to take EL D to one but I'm a little nervous as he's a bit dog-aggressive. I thought if I went early on a Saturday when there would only be a few other dogs maybe he'd be okay about it. Then I could gradually work him into it. I'll wait until spring gets here though.
    I took my previous beastie and he was fine with the other dogs as long as they didn't "gang up" on him, even if in fun. We would leave if the big labs came out as they were just too nutso.

  • Believe me I was so nervous because Trixie also has a tendacy to be dominant!! That was one of the reasons we went over to the big dog park. She was better over there! All in all she only made the devil noises when several dogs would surround her so I can't really blame her! We wanted to get there earlier so there would not be so many dogs but we got lost! All in all she did better than we expected!

  • Basenjis often do best in the big dog section, (they are big dogs in small bodies) as long as the big dogs are nice. Glad you had such a good time, it is a joy to watch them run, and best of all…..a tired basenji is a GOOD basenji.

    One park we go to has a rule, no children under 8!

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