• Yesterday I took Kipawa to the enclosed doggie park. He was a little apprehensive, growling a little as the dogs came to greet him.

    Today, he didn't growl. Instead there was just sniffing and then…. oh did he run! Once full grown, he will leave all others in his dust. 🙂 It is truly wonderful to watch unabandoned play. It made my day.

  • Houston

    Fun, fun, fun..glad he felt more at ease today. Otis was the same way at first then got all gungho about going to the dogpark.

  • First Basenji's

    I have also started taking Mojo to the dog park. He gets apprehensive with the dogs at first, but hen seems to get along- he doesn't like them to get too close. He does not like the big dogs at all. If they come near him he starts to growl. Any advice on what to do when there are big dogs at the park? I usually leave when I see the big dogs coming.

  • Sounds like Kipawa is having fun! People love Buddy at the dog park because of his speed, antics and down right clownish behavior. He steals other dogs balls then runs around barooing at people with the ball in his mouth.

  • my dad is a dog trainer and has socialization classes, so my dogs are pretty good with any dog any size, especially my tri B. id suggest not leaving when the big dogs come, let your dog get used to them. just keep a close eye on your dog when he/she gets close to the bigger dogs and possibly throw a leash on your dog and let him run with leash on in case of too much growling u can grab your dog easily and eventually u shouldnt have to use the leash your dog will get used to the bigger dogs.

  • First Basenji's

    I will give it a try. We're going this afternoon. I try to get him there as often as I can. He really needs to be able to behave with the big dogs as well as the little ones. Thanks!

  • What I did with Kipawa both times was be close to him and I gave him a sharp voice correction (I use 'ehh'). He did understand that as I use 'ehh' in the house as well. Try to stay when the bigger dogs come. If you leave, Mojo will take that as a cue that you are also not comfortable around big dogs. Let him build up his confidence with you close by. I'm sure it won't take long before big dogs are not a concern for Mojo. Good luck! 🙂

  • First Basenji's

    Thanks. We will stay when the big dogs come and I will be sure to stay close by. He understands NO- as that is what we say at home when he misbehaves. I'll let you know how it works!

  • First Basenji's

    I took Mojo to the dog park this afternoon- all in all he did good. We did not leave when we saw any big dogs, and he played nicely with a cuople of labs. There was a Doberman- Mojo kept chasing him down and growling with his teeth showing. They had thir run-ins, but they both started to chill out with each other. I could not believe Mojo was the instigator of all their growling matches! He did good today, and I think that the more we go, the more relaxed he will be- even with the big dogs!

  • Excellent! Good experiences build on each other and give both pup, and human, confidence. Hope both Mojo and Kipawa make good dog friends and play partners. As they get bigger, they will be able to outrun everyone else and you will feel safer!

  • First Basenji's

    I think you're right. I felt a lot better at the park yesterday, and Mojo got to spend a much longer time playing! It was a win/win afternoon!

  • I am sooo glad that you both had a successful day at the dog park. It's so important for dogs to be able to socialize well with other dogs. Well done!

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