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Haha I love the running away or lying down idea, I often say to my partner we should just walk off from him to give him a little scare in thinking he's lost us, but when it comes down to it I think I get more scared at the idea of losing him than he does.

We need to figure something out because up until now when he doesn't listen, its leash straight on, which has actually become counteractive because he knows that, so now if he doesn't listen to us, he just starts dodging us so we cant grab him to put the leash on.

Basenjis are far too smart for us humans! 😅

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Hello! Our little fella is 10 months old and hugely motivated by other dogs, he LOVES to play. I know it’s just a puppy thing but it’s almost impossible to keep him focused when he sees other dogs. We keep him off lead at the dog park Because he loves to run and just doesn’t use up his energy enough when he is just on lead with us.

Please note, he is only off lead at the dog park and he only doesn’t listen to recall when he sees other dogs around cause he wants to play, the rest of the time he is very good and listens.

Does anyone else have trouble with recall? He’s the happiest little fella, but I just worry that when in that heightened excited stage, if he happened to come across a dog that wasn’t as friendly (thankfully hasn’t happened) we aren’t able to get him to come back.
Any recall tips you have outside of treats (he’s not food motivated) would be greatly appreciated.

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