• Well yesturday was a nice day here in new york so we decided to take our B to a nearby park that has an enclosed doggie area. Well we thought he was going to have a blast and there weren't too many dogs there so we thought even better. As soon as we came close, the barking stated and they all greeted Champ at the gate with the usual sniffing but then they lost interest. Champ tried to get them to play but to no avail. All the dogs were seniors and did not want to play. It was funny seeing our B scratch at them, jumpo on them and even nip at them but they had no interest in him whatsoever. Oh well better luck next time. This weekend I will be going into New york city for a basenji meet up and hope to have more luck with having some young playmates for Champ.

  • Poor Champ. No one to play with… I hope he has better luck at the basenj meet-up.

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