Going to the dog park

Abbey's not very sociable with other dogs but she's exposed to lots of them every day. She likes my son's rottweiller Mona and lab Toad, and she made a new friend the other day, Lola the daschund. I thought we'd go to the dog park so she could have fun and meet other dogs. I unleashed her and sat down on the bench. She surprised me. She didn't snap or bite or growl at anybody. What does my 22 lb. Basenji monster who acts like she could face down a herd of charging wild elephants do? She climbed up in my lap and sat there the whole time. After about 20 minutes of watching the other dogs play, she turned around and looked up at me like Can we go home now? I'm not having any fun at the dog park.:D

Thats funny, Molly loves the dog park. She is the fastest one there , so far. Her best friend now is a giant Schauzer, not sure how she will do when the giant gets bigger….......

Abbey's best friend is my son's rottweiller Mona, who weighs 110 lbs. She has play dates on the weekend with Mona and comes home covered in rottweiller slobber but she's happy. We see a lot of golden retrievers at the Dog Park and she does not like goldens for some reason. Maybe I was wrong, maybe she wasn't afraid of all those big dogs. Maybe she was just developing a plan of attack for next time we go to the Dog Park!

My dogs definitely have preferences for other breeds of dogs. One of ours was raised in her baby puppy days with a black lab, and loves them. She also barks, and fetches! And pretty much all of ours hate boxers! Just too darn friendly! And all of ours have been completely unnerved by the sounds that bulldogs make…their body language is kinda like 'what the he...whatever *that is, keep it FAR away from me!'

Hollie absolutely loves the dog park. She never seems to run out of energy. The whippet part of her makes her want to run even more than the normal basenji. She is a quick little thing. She normally gets along with other dogs, but I always stay close by when they are playing, in case any of them get overly agressive. I take Hollie to the dog park several times a week, it works wonders for getting her to nap for hours afterwards.

My girl Lacie, does the exact same thing when we goto the dog park. My boy Ozzie will go explore a little bit and watch the other dogs play but not really get involved and he will always come back to me after a minute or two. We have only gone a couple of times but one time he finally got the urge to put him self out there and do his little sumo move and crouch down to play with this one dog, but sadly that dog wasn't interested.

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