• This past Sunday we ventured over to the Tampa West Park dog park to meet up with the pack again. Cairo (6month brindle boy) has been neutered and has had 2 rambunctious weeks to heal and drive Caesar (6yr red boy) and myself crazy.

    This dog park is huge. It was a sunny hot Florida day and we enjoyed 3 hours with 8 basenjis and their owners under a shaded tree and the basenjis ran around and played in the dirt.

    Cairo has met with the pack, which is typically 8-12basenjis, about 3 times before this visit. The first visit(14weeks) he could do no wrong and all of the basenjis let him chew and jump. He stayed with the female basenjis and owners as the boys ran and played all over the park.

    The second time we went all of the basenjis were friendly. He recognized them as his pack and tried to make friends staying close to the owners and female basenjis. He was quickly introduced or put in his place by a few snarfs from the alpha female and male that were watching the action and didnt want to play. No sweat, Cairo is just learning the ropes and Caesar sits back and supervises.

    Yesterday we went back and Cairo ran in and started running with the pack in general. There is a young female in the group that hasnt come into her snarfy dominatrix side yet and Cairo fit in well.

    Several of the Macpac basenjis dug holes to cool off. All you could see were their heads!! Hopefully someone can post pics?

    Basenji attendance:
    Nicki - Alpha female
    Kali - alpha female back up
    Eshi - young female
    Eddie - relaxed man
    Topper - alpha male
    Caesar - quiet and Nicki's boyfriend at times
    Cairo - baby boy
    Jack - the entertainer and runner

    I hope I spelled all of their names right.

    If anyone is in the Tampa area and would like to see basenjis or wants to bring their to the park and meet the pack, the more the merrier!!

  • Pics finally from the park….

    Cairo with a Pug puppy his age....

    Caesar and Cairo (my two boys)

    Nicki telling Caesar that he IS her boyfriend today….

    Part of the pack welcoming us to the park….

  • These are very nice pictures! Looks like all are having a wonderful social time! You're lucky to have found a nice place to meet with some good dog friends. Cairo is growing up and getting more handsome! Thanks for sharing your day.

  • The dog park pics are great! Makes me wish I had a basenji meet up where I live!

  • Thanks guys, I will try to post more from the next meet. The Macpack Donald is the photograper extrodinaire…..

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