• I went to get the new dog license today and drove by the new dog park my county is planning to open this spring. I was disappointed. The area appears to be very nice with some wide open areas and some wooded areas. What disappointed me was the size of the fence. Granted this was just a drive-by and it is still a work in progress, but the fence by the road,that appeared to be complete, was only about 5 ft. and post fence with chain link on the inside. I asked the clerk when getting my DOG license if she knew anything about the new DOG park being built about 600 yards away from where we were standing. She said NO. If the fencing that I saw is all there is, I will not let my Basenji off-lead there. There is a highway less than a quarter of a mile away. At least the old,crappy one had 10 foot high fences. Anyone with even a slightly energetic dog should be concerned about this fencing. IMHO. Especially with the highway so close.

  • I just wish they would build a dog park in my area, even a crappy one… lol. But it does sound like you should put in some complaints or suggestions for the fence issue.

  • The dog park fences here are 5 ft chain link. I've never seen a dog try to jump or climb over it as they're too interested in what's going on inside.

  • Houston

    I agree and understand what you are saying, BART, it is a little scary so close to the road and all, but some of our parks here in Houston have regular 5' fences too, one has a really tall 7' fence and I love that..
    I have never heard of a dog jumping or scaling a fence at the dogpark, usually they have so much fun inside, they have no desires going out..but all it takes is one time..right?

  • Most of our city parks have 4 ft chain link fences and jumping out is just not a problem for us or anyone I know. Our Sunday park has 6 ft fencing which is nice, I do prefer it, but we have not had any issues with the 4 ft. fenced parks. Dogs inside are busy and playing, they don't seem to think about escaping, even when they see critters on the other side.

  • I wish we had a Dog Park close too. Thats what I get for opting to live as FAR away from Military Housing as POSSIBLE and the only Park I know Of close is the one IN military housing, but like your new one, Short Fence and Close to Road… so All Ive got are the Dog Allowed Beaches, which are FUN of course, but a Park to Let him REALLY Run and play, That would be ideal 😞 Oh well

  • They just opened a new park built on a retired landfill that has not one but TWO areas for dog parks, so when one gets run down, they'll open the other and close the first to allow grass to regrow, etc.

    She-Ra loves it, too, because unlike the other parks this one is wide open and has TONS of running room. Dream come true for us, but it'll still get hot in the summertime, I'm sure.

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