• Everyday I walk Kona, I walk past a dog park but I have always been hesitant to take him in because there are always so many dogs in there…

    Well today it was a little overcast and was sprinkling out so there was only one other dog in there, a golden retriever that was about 8 months old. At first, I kept Kona on the leash so he could sniff and stuff (basically because I was scared, not him, haha). I let him off and they played soooooo well!!! I was so excited! He and the golden took turns chasing each other...he would have out run her if his legs were just a little longer 🙂

    Anyway…I'm really excited about this positive experience because he has so much energy and my walks with him tire him, but not enough haha! I'm still only going to take him in when there is only one or two dogs until he gets the idea of what the dog park is.... 😃

  • That's great. Koodoos for Kona for finding a friend. Wish him lots of fun.

  • Sounds awsome. I really need to get around to taking Alani on days there wouldn't be too many dogs. I know she'd love to run around, since she never gets to (we live in an apartment). Some day soon hopefully.

  • What I also like about the interaction is that they can play the way dogs play. Nomatter how much love I give my B I feel he needs that slobbing, wrestling type of play he gets only for playing with other dogs.

  • That's so great you had a nice day at the dog park! I'm a big fan of parks we go so often, I have met so many nice people and new friends. It's cute how the dogs become friends with each other too! there are a pretty good amount of B's that go to the dog park down here and its so cool when they play with each other!

  • That's great…it sounds like you had a good experience...

  • I haven't ever seen any other Bs on my walks or in the park but it would be cool if there were!!! I am so excited to go back there…its like a fun place for me too...haha

  • Yeah there are a good amount of them down here every weekend we see basenji's @ the dog park. I heard there are alote in New York too.
    They actually have a basenji dog park meet up I saw a picture on line and it must have been like 35 B's!

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