Got into a scrap at the dog park

  • We took Harley to the dog park yesterday. I wouldn't say we go often, but a couple times a month we've been taking him up there & he's always done really well. We'd been hearing "rumors" of 2 Basenjis being up @ the park at different times and they were there yesterday.

    We were talking to the owner of the the other 2 B's and they were doing just fine w/each other. We'd been there probably close to 30 min. and then all of a sudden, the male B took after Harley, really attacking him. We'd been watching and there was absolutely no provocation or anything.

    Harley is pretty submissive, so he immediately went down & onto his back but the dog kept after him and got a couple of good nips in. It definitely wasn't play & he didn't back off when Harley went submissive. Then other dogs immediately rushed over and one big Boxer-type dog started going after Harley too. I was SO GLAD my husband was there. He grabbed the Boxer by the collar and literally threw him off the pile. Then grabbed Harley's collar and lifted him by it with the other dog hanging on!

    We got Harley out of there and he has a few scrapes here & there and was pretty shook up. I have a puncture from one of the dogs on my hand. We came home, he pretty much went straight to bed. I felt so bad for him.

    The owner of the other B's felt badly, came out of the park & asked if we/Harley was ok & apologized. On the way home, hubby said he'd get the back yard fenced. I doubt we'll go back to the dog park for a while, if at all.

  • Wow thats awful!
    Poor Harley. What a scary experience. I have heard a few horror stories from other B owners at the dog park.
    We take our two B's to different ones but I really canvas the area to make sure they are safe. Some dogs give off odd vibes and I know B's tend to give off mixed signals as well. We are on constant alert.
    Its a good thing your hubby was there. Trying to break up a dog fight can be a very scary thing. Glad to hear that everyone is ok.

  • So sorry about Harley's incident. I have to think, that when there are a group of dogs, and one appears to be the weaker, the rest of the dogs will join in on the "kill" so to speak. I've seen this happen with my Daisy while at my nephews house with Duke, his dog and a neighbor dog. Seems when Daisy got winded from all the running and romping, Duke found his chance to get her to submit, then the other 2 dogs joined in with Duke against Daisy. Well, uh - It didn't last long as the growling noise escalated, we broke them up ASAP. We saved Daisy and redirected them and they stayed friends - they know each other well as we visit often. It's a dog-gone thing - my best guess. 😕

    I hope you and Harley are feeling much better.

  • that's terrible. i hope Harley doesn't have any lasting trauma from the incident.

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