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To me, looks like a Chihuahua mix

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It's been my experience that sometimes my basenji just gets it in her head that she doesn't like another dog, and for seemingly no good reason. I have been able to mitigate her behavior, but this is not a cure….
First, an excited basenji is a biting basenji. Make sure he's calm. Make him sit. Exert your dominance. Stand over your dog, look him in the eye. You need to snap him out of his mindset and remind him that you're in charge and he doesn't need to be aggressive.
It will take time and patience, but he can be made more comfortable...
I've also found that walking together as a "pack" helps. The two humans in the middle, the dogs held on a very short leash to either side, and you ignore your dog's aggression, focusing them on the walk itself. After a short while, they should just about forget one another. But this also acclimates them to each other. Good luck!

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So adorable! She conned me into another long walk in the snow!
Dang, I'm a sucker for that face!

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I live in the NE, outside Philly, where we were just given a good amount of great packing snow. It's Kylie's (=B) first real snow and while she was not initially thrilled about this cold wet white stuff, I found that to be proper B behaviour. But she came back inside, warmed up a bit, obviously thought about it for a few – you can tell because her little wrinkled furrowed forehead was in overdrive staring outside -- and then whined to go out once again. And she's been whining ever since. Seems she LOVES the snow! I have a defective Basenji -- Help!!

PS - As soon as I can upload some pics, you have GOT to see her just buried in the snow, it's hilarious!

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While my B takes a while to wake up, she's adorable the whole time. She stretches into that impossibly long, whole body stretch. She yawns, she cuddles a bit if she's in the mood (rarely). Sometimes I'll turn her over on her back and rub her chest and she starts off on a flurry of yoga stretching (reach for the sky!) all over again. Then when she's good and ready, she gets her day moving.
I thought she was simply mirroring my reaction to the morning!

She has never gotten snippy though – but mine is spayed.
I highly recommend the Bob Barker route; and I agree with the general consensus here to go see the vet.
All dogs should understand that aggression is not acceptable.

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It cannot be stressed enough – a tired Basenji is a GREAT Basenji!
Locked up in a house or apartment all day while you work means they have TONS of energy when you get home and want to rest.
Long walks, toys, more walks, and weekend runs with other dogs will DEFINITELY help.

Just my experience...

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