• the best thign about my Basneji mix is the very lack of that doggy smell most dogs have. Granted some are worse than others but still….
    I love that i can cuddle as close ot my Spijs as i want and i neither she nor my cloths reek of dog.......its so amazing........She is the only dog ihave ever knows that dosnt just have that "smell" and i LOVE it.
    i love that my house doesnt smell like "dog"
    does any one else notice that?
    I really notice odors alot and most peoepl i knwo tha thave pets have a cetain smell in thier house, you smell it the moment you walk in.
    Yet another amazing trait ouf our Basenji pals.... these dogs are amazing!

  • yes, thats a very nice thing about B's!

    Some people ask us, how we keep our home so odor-free hahahah

    "get some B's" i'll tell them

    But also the ammount of losing hair is so little…

    Our Ibizian, has a little bit dogs odor (when she'd walk trough the rain) and getter her fur gerplaced at this moment! Wow the ammount of hair i've got!!

    But... don't matter how much hair she loosing or how bad she ever smells... we love her anyway! hahaha

  • It definitely is a plus. That's why my B gets to sleep on my bed at night. Other breeds i'm not so sure i'd be willing to do that.

  • There is the corn chip feet smell, though.

  • @Barklessdog:

    There is the corn chip feet smell, though.

    Yep, that smell took me a while to figure where it was coming from… I think I first heard it mentioned here on the forums! Until then I just thought it was her body odor or something... LOL:o

  • Corn chip smell is soooo much better than doggy smell, though, IMO. I just don't smell Mag's feet unless I want to smell corn chips!

  • I don't smell my B's feet either, however they think it is pretty amusing to stick them in my face in bed when I am sleeping!!!!!

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