• Boo hoo… I got home work yesterday and my bf announces that he has heard Lewie's first baroo!! I felt like a mom that missed their child saying "mama" for the first time 😞

    Lewie's almost 22 weeks old now and I have still yet to hear a baroo from this sweet little man. Although I am a championship teeth finder!! 4 found and counting!

    When did you little B's start their baroo-ing?

  • Hi, my old basenji boy only broos at Wheat, the young African village dog who is 2 ish and loves to bother him.
    Otherwise, its quiet here.

  • My old boy OJ never in 17+ years yodeled. Maggii maybe twice a year. Kristii never.. but she could and did howl like a champion, Mickii not lots but sometimes depending on her mood….

    My two young kids.... Franie so far twice in 1 1/2 yrs... C-Me, not really quite a yodel, but she talks lots...

  • Hansel, 6 does all the time. Jonny, 4 never ever makes a sound. 🙂

  • I wish there was a video that showed examples of baroos, yodels, howls, etc. that way I could more clearly label them when they happen. haha

  • Maca make some yodels? some month ago, but for now nothing.. sometimes try and its like she was coughing, lol, then makes the yodel.

  • Medjai never baroos but howls whenever left all alone and lonely.

    Nailah barood the second she got in the door at 11 weeks old. She continues to a lot, but not as much as she did when I got her. I think Medjai is convincing her to be quiet.

  • All 4 of mine baroo/yodel.

    Aaliyah (now 2) who came home with me as a pup, she started yodeling the first week she came home. She would yodel to her reflection in the stereo cabinet, and try to get the reflection to play with her when the adult basenjis were tired of her. She would bring the reflection her toys and dance around and yodel. Now she yodels to get Ozzy to play. Ozzy (now 1) who also came home with me as a pup, he yodeled his whole way home from the breeder's house :D. Now he yodels and carries on a conversation with me when I let him out of his crate - or when he wants Liyah to play with him.

    My 2 oldest (both 6 yo) yodel when I come home from work and yodel for food or treats.

  • @DexterDex:

    I wish there was a video that showed examples of baroos, yodels, howls, etc. that way I could more clearly label them when they happen. haha

    This is a good one 🙂


    To the rest of you… Sayblee barrooed, yodeled, said "I want some"... all of it. Arwen has barooed ONE time ever, she is almost 9. She can scream, and she says a clear "R" occasionally. That's it. And the freakiest howl you ever heard, but not once since my last Rottie was put down last summer, no matter how much Leora and I howl to try to get her to.

    Cara, much musical yawns, lots of boofs, but sniff sniff, she appears yodelless.

  • @DexterDex:

    I wish there was a video that showed examples of baroos, yodels, howls, etc. that way I could more clearly label them when they happen. haha

    Go to You Tube and do a search. There are lots of examples there.

  • I can easily get Kipawa to baroo and yodel when I say the following in a fairly loud and fun voice: Mummy, mummy, mummy. It never fails. I think it might have something to do with the pitch of my voice.

  • Dolce will baroo at two different times. She can hardly contain herself when my husband walks in the door from a business trip. The second is at the dog park when she gets excited seeing her 4-legged friends. I know she loves me, but guess since I spend so much time with her, I don't rank high enough to earn a baroo. Otherwise, she's very quiet.

  • Thanks for the site! Twas helpful lol. Dex makes the "roo" and "burr" sounds only at other dogs who are not paying enough attention to him. Once he did it at my brother-in-law who was teasing him. He does have the musical yawns too <3…and sometimes he makes a similar noise to the yawn noise when I'm too slow at getting his food out.

  • Oakley Baroos for me whenever I come home and to no avail he will yodel and make a wide range of sounds to get other dogs to play! He is very talkative with his best bud who is a puggle. I didn't think he would be talking or making any sounds because he was the quietest of the bunch in his litter so I am happy to be wrong- there's nothin like hearing a baroo

  • My 5 month old half af has been barooing quite a lot!:D You can see her in action on my FB page linked below. She mostly does it for people she sees on a weekly basis. I've only gotten one.:p

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