• Yesterday afternoon, I let Mr Baroo, Bitty and Aunt Sable, our elderly Shiba Inu, out into the backyard for their early afternoon run. About 10 minutes later, Karin asked if the pups were out, and I said yes. She said, 'Come look, there's a rabbit on th e hill'. As I looked out I saw the rabbit hopping toward the NW corner of the yard, which is about a half acre in size. Suddenly I saw a red and white streak headding up the hill, Baroo had spied the bunny. The bunny dashed toward the east side of the yard, with Baroo about 15 feet behind. The disappeared from sight to reappear in a second going back in the opposite direction, with Baroo closing the gap slightly. They circled the maple tree next to the west fence, and recrossed the hill, this time with Bitty, who had never before displayed any sort of prey drive, also in hot persuit. Three laps later the rabbit spied a tiny gap in the chain link and squeezed through just ahead of the 2 B's, leaving them standing with their front feet up on the fence watching the rabbit hop away. I can only guess how frustrated they were.

  • Yes, typical prey drive. There you are he has got it and demonstrated it rather well to you.

    Rabbits have learned to come onto our garden before the Basenjis are let out in the morning! Result - some very frustrated Basenjis!

  • They keep in training by running the B-500 every night before bedtime.

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