Mr Baroo and Bitty have a new brother.

  • weeks ago Karin and I drove over to Kansas to pick up a 14 month old brindle male to foster. We are the third foster for the poor little guy and we cvowed even before we got back to KC that ours was the last place he would have to get used to. That decision was surely taken out of our hands when we got home as when we introduced Tigger to Mr Baroo, they took to each other like they had known each other all their lives. The use up the whole 1/4 acre back yard to play chase, when they tire they flop down next to each other on the deck. At night they sneak under the covers on my side of the bed to sleep at my feet. Now you tell me how we were ever going to let him go to any other forever home. The only pictyure we hace so far rhar isnt a blur of running B's is one of the 3 of them, Bitty, Baroo and Tigger atop the retaining wall in the back lot.


  • First Basenji's

    looks like he found his perfect home!

  • What a great looking trio …

  • Congratulations! He is a beautiful boy 🙂

  • Super!!!!! Love happy endings

  • Congratulations on the new member of your clan - he is surely a beauty and it's great they have all bonded well!

  • awwww . . . i love a good failed foster story.

  • First Basenji's

    Woohoo! Looks like it was meant to be!
    He's so svelte, with nice tiger stripes. Do you know anything about his back story?

  • I think he found his home as he looks like he is smiling in the photo!


  • Jennifer you took my post! He does look like he is smiling! What a happy result!

  • Just great! What a wonderful decision you made and I'm so pleased it turned out for the best!

  • Did you get Bitty from a breeder or a rescue?


  • Congratulations on a great "failed foster" experience! Perfect fits like that are wonderful, he is a lucky little boy to have landed with you!

  • All of our babies have been rescues, we,ve had Bitty 5 years, Baroo will have been with us for 3 in February and now we have Baroo's "Buddy". LOL, his call name was Tigger but I've been calling him little buddy so much he's starting to answer to Buddy.

  • First Basenji's

    There was a Kansas breeder with brindle B's that recently got "out" of the breed (supposedly). I wonder if he came from that kennel, since the call name is familiar? Whatever his provenance, I think "Buddy" hit the jackpot. 🙂

  • Bitty looks familiar to me. I have been able to recognize a few of my Arnie's younger relatives on BRAT's website. Do you have any history on her and how old is she?


  • No ennifer, we don't know anything about Bitty. The young couple who owned her before us didn't give us any history. They called her 'Casey' and all I can say is that they were not true Basenji people, weren't familiar with any of the breeds quirks. They said that she was just over 2 when we got her and wew've had her for 5 years, in February. The poor baby had a number of problems when we adopted her, the main ones being an extreme attack response if you moved your hand quickly near her, plus the same type ov response if you touched her when she was covered by a blanket, indicating someone used to cover her and then hit her.

  • When I hear stories like yours I smile. For things like this, I believe there is a much higher power working its magic. So glad you and your trio are happy together!

  • That's awesome! Third foster was a charm!

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