• Just curious if anyone else has a B that only baroo's for a certain person. Sonny will be 4 this month and he only baroo's, yodels and barks for my Mom. Every day we stop by their house on our evening walk and he runs through the house looking for her..the minute he finds her he starts singing & barooing until she pets and plays with him :p He has never made a peep for me :rolleyes:

  • Mine only baroos (I think like a total of three times) if he finds himself alone and can't see the other dogs in the house. I WISH he would baroo for me - but he's kind of a mute!

  • 😞 Tahat is so sad. Sayblee used to baroo a lot, but when my husband came home she ALWAYS barooed for him. I could be gone longer, and she wiggled and was ecstatic to see me, but I sure couldn't count on a baroo. 😞

    LOL maybe you can click & treat the barooing for your mom and teach her to do it on command?

    Also chopped liver

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