• Mr Baroo, Bitty and Aunt Sable were out in the fenced backyard, almost a half acre, for their noon romp. Karin , loking out the back door, asked if the pups were out and i said yes, she replied come look, there is a rabbit on the hill. Looking out i saw the bunny start toward the NW corner of the yard, out of the corner of my eye i saw a red streak heading up the hill, Baroo had sighted bunny. Bunny runs toward the east fence line, Baroo about 15 feet behind. The two of them, bunny and Baroo, ran back and forth across the hill 4 times before the tiring bunny found a hole in the chain link big enough to sqeeze through. The cutest thing was that Bitty, who has never displayed a hint of prey drive, joined the chase on the second lap, running sholulder to shoulder with Baroo, which I'm sure added to the poor rabbit's anxiety. As I said, fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, the rabbit got away, by the fluff of his little cotton tail.

  • Good old mental stimulation! I always get worried when the get so close…and feel lucky when they get away. Last thing I want is to clean bloody feet and mouths afterwards!!

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