• just thought i'd share some random cuteness of my B-boy and his elderly friend Missy Bun. Zumi was raised with rabbits, but is never unsupervised near them.. for his sake. Bun would give him what for! She by the way is just a mixed breed bunny, and almost 10 years old (I've had her since she was about 4 weeks)

    also, random question about veggies and dogs.. is it ok for Zumi to like asparagus? i gave Bun a piece and he acted like he wanted it too, so i gave him some. he loved it! i thought it was a bit odd.

  • Great pictures!! Lovely to see them together like this. Tillo's dogsitter has a bunny too, which is big friends with their GR. Tillo likes the bunny too, but as soon as it starts to run around, he wants to chase it.. Lady the GR barks at him then to tell him to stop 😉

  • Great pictures!

    Maxx loved veggies, asparagas included. About the only thing we didn't give him was corn since it looked the same coming out as it did going in! 🙂

  • Perfectly okay for your B to eat veggies, pretty much all of them, except expect the usual results. Like Linda said, corn comes out like it goes in, and things that give people gas will give them gas, of the most awful variety, so warning, warning! There are some they should not have, though, like onions - you can find pretty complete lists on other forum threads.

  • Lovely pictures of Missy Bun and Zumi

  • Wow what amazing pics! Never imagined seeing a B with a rabbit as my last 2 Basenjis were jackrabbit serial killers.

  • First Basenji's

    Cute. Does he groom the bunny?

  • LOL Dan, mine would have poor bunny sucked down and using the fur for dental floss. 😞 My first rottie and my chow Katana, though, they lived around my friend's bunnies and loved them. My husband wondered if they were cleaning or basting the poor darned rabbits, but they really liked them.

  • thanks for all the comments.
    Re: the asparagus. oh we paid for giving him that! phew! that's why i was wondering, i didn't want to upset his digestive tract, but other than the very bad gas he seemed quite unaffected.

    As for the bunnies, he was raised with them, and has always been ok with them. he has never yet tried to harm one of my domestics. Dan, all wild bunnies are fair game, he will chase to kill. but just snuggles the pets. He knows the difference, so far. When he was tiny, i was also breeding rabbits for the local 4H, and had over 100 rabbits at one time. The only time Zumi got fresh with any of the bunnies was with Missy Bun at their first meeting. he "smacked" her, and she kicked him right back… they are now good friends 🙂
    i attached a few more pics of him when he was very small meeting some of his first bunnies. Both Missy Ben, and our sadly departed Ben.
    and yes! he absolutely does groom them. its quite cute watching him lick them and nibble the fur like he is getting buggies out, lol. Missy Bun even licked his foot last night, grooming him back.

  • Thats so cool. Ive been trying to get Ayo to get along with my friends Parrot, but it's not working out very well. I got distracted for a second and actually had to pull the parrot out of Ayos mouth, he just sat there looking at me with some green feathers in his mouth!!!!!

  • well, he does ok with the rabbits, and the rats but he was NOT ok with any of the birds!
    i have had button quail and a parakeet, and a friend with a blue fronted amazon. Zumi wanted to eat them, and came close with the parakeet once. i do not trust him at ALL with birds. they make noise and flap wings and Zumi goes insane, so i doubt i could keep the peace there. i have always wanted a lovebird, but… its just not a safe option

  • His friend Mara, who lives with the Parrot gets along perfectly, they walk around together and their fine, even the cat!!!! But AYO just sees lunch!!!

  • Pretty good pictures 🙂

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